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Tips for helping through a psychosis

Family member is yelling and cussing at at voices, angry, and scared. Need helpful tips on calming him down

You should call the police if that’s happening or just let it pass. There’s nothing you can do or say if they’re in that state because they’re not in the same world as you, they’re terrified of what’s going on within their head and could accidentally harm you if something shows up in front of you.

You need to get help for him immediately, if not sooner. He may become a danger to himself and others. It is hard to call for help but if his psychosis has reached this state, he needs to be hospitalized and medicated for his own safety. Good Luck and I hope it works out for him and you.

This can go all sort of ways. I usually call at this point. My husband will direct him to the door and sat outside because we live in the country. Either his meds aren’t working or he needs an adjustment. Either way, you’ll likely want to get him to the hospital or doctor ASAP. Can you call his doctor and see if they can fit you in for an appointment? Hugs and do not block him in and keep a distance from him.

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Thanks for the help. We were able to calm him down last night, but he is still experiencing it today. Arguing with himself on and off. How long can a psychosis last? He is currently not on any medication either. The doctor believes he does not need a psychiatrist even after we’ve stressed our concerns. We cannot get a hold of his therapist until after Monday.

Thank you for this. I sent the link to all of my family. The research helps tremendously.

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You don’t need a doctor to go see a psychiatrist, whatever they say, go to one if you feel like he needs, which by the sounds of it he does and he definitely needs the medication. Also, get a new doctor, his judgment and empathy is either lacking or clouded.