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Both of these items I can agree with.

I hope you are doing OK @mbheart

Hi @oldladyblue , my son is going thru a period now where he is talking about stopping his meds. He’s actually done this before and it landed him in jail. Very very scary and causes so much anxiety for me not knowing if and when.

Ive decided to use reverse psychology this time and told him to just go ahead. I told him I would support whatever decision he came to.

However, I did remind him of the road he was on with no meds and the road to get here. He’s showering, he’s talking, he’s cooking, he’s keeping his apt organized, and most importantly he seems content and no longer has the strange scared look in his eyes.

I told him if he was ready to lose all that and possibly be hospitalized/jailed again, I told him to go right ahead. I kept calm and told him whatever happens will happen.

I’m hoping his current sane state is absorbing what I said and I’m hoping he makes the right decision.

Why do they think they can just stop the meds and be well without it?

Anyway, this is what I’m dealing with these days, waiting constantly for devastating news. Thought of going thru hell again is… hell.

I hope you and your daughter continue to remain in a stabilized state and I hope you are finally at peace.

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You’ve asked a very good question @mbheart , “Why do they think they can just stop the meds and be well without it?”

I don’t think there is a good answer for that. I sure felt the frustration each time my daughter was hospitalized, put on meds, and came off meds, until the time she stayed on the meds that are still working for her now. The yoyo of emotions that go with getting a loved one on a good stabilizing routine is hell.

I truly hope that your son absorbs what you said, it is great that you kept calm while talking to him about such a monumental life changing choice for him. I can understand the anxiety you are going through. I’m sorry this is happening.

It probably took a year for me to find peace myself, and for my anxiety to subside, after my daughter’s psychosis eased and almost totally disappeared. The past year has been pretty good, very good in fact, until today, when I found out that I have breast cancer. Now a new scary time starts for me. Funnily enough, when I told my daughter this afternoon, she was very upbeat, and hopeful that all will come out OK because “there are good medicines and treatments to help”. She used to be pretty much against all medicine and drugs, and believed only natural vitamin supplements helped. I think she understands the benefit of her monthly injection to her ability to hold a job, and that was the most important thing to her, to feel valuable at work. Her psychiatrist helped her to stay on her monthly shot the recent time she asked to come off of it. It’s not come up since.

You and your son have been through so much! I believe he can process the good place he is in now and compare it to the bad place he was in before and make the right choice. Maybe you will have to just reiterate your view gently enough times for him to come to the same conclusion himself. I hope so.

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Oh there’s lots of possible reasons… I was misdiagnosed. It’ll be different this time, last time I was under stress, had a breakup going on, a job, a boss, a difficult roommate, etc. Other environmental issues caused the illness. [I had a (non diagnosed) girlfriend associate symptoms with the house I was living in at the time. She compared it to the Amityville Horror house.] I don’t feel any different, or these drugs aren’t really doing anything (the side effects of some newer medications can be so subtle you don’t “feel” drugged). Or the side effects are worse than the disease. The drugs are poison, they weaken me, I’m having sexual side effects. The supplements I’m taking are enough. It’s gone into remission. I miss how I felt off drugs, my life is so boring now. I can handle it and can always start back up if I notice symptoms. (most people with SMI I know, set aside a stash of medication for emergencies. I’ve done it, and I know just recently my brother depleted his stash and found getting a GP to prescribe or finding a psychiatrist to see him during a pandemic is super difficult.)

And this is just a sample of a few I know or experienced. And outside of obvious cognitive impairment or anasognosia. Impaired minds are even more creative at “justifications” and convenient to true amnesia about their past episodes.


@oldladyblue im so sorry to hear about your health! As if though you haven’t already been thru enough!

I’m really glad to hear about your daughters stabilization, and the fact that she’s now supporting you thru this, you truly deserve this.

I’m going to have to make that dreaded trip to the doctor myself, I really have not been feeling well since this whole thing erupted in my life, not just mentally but physically, and lately it has really escalated to persistent symptoms that I can no longer ignore.

I truly will be hoping for the best for you and your daughter, and I’m hoping my son comes to his senses. I don’t know if I can withstand another round of this cycle.