This week has been a great week for my son he has calmed down so much


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Just wanted to say that I can empathize with where you are at right now. My son is doing relatively good although in a bit of a down slide right now due to alcohol and marijuana use. He doesn’t seem to have social anxiety although he doesn’t want to do much other then hang with his friend and play online. He has a whole team of people just waiting to help him do things like go to school or just be in a group setting with others who are going through the same thing but he doesn’t want to go. He doesn’t think that he needs their help. I too worry about what would happen to him if something happens to me.

@SurprisedJ 's post has me thinking. Maybe I should try this approach of wanting to check out one of the groups and seeing if he will go with me. I think if I can get him past his own resistance he just may open up and enjoy himself.


Looking back, my Mom is pretty clever. She has had a 100 tricks up her lab coat sleeve.

I know when you find pot or pipes or anything you throw it out, so I take it he’s keeping it at the unhelpful friends place? Does he still like going out to eat?


My son doesn’t have any pot that I know of it. None of the normal hiding signs that I look for. His friend shares his. Great friend :wink:

If it was up to my son we would probably eat out every night lol. As I say, social anxiety is not a concern. He just doesn’t think that he needs their kind of help. Live is perfect the way it is for him. No responsibilities except to pick up after himself in the living room. Make coffee and snacks. Do laundry and shower when I insist.


I could see you sort of “bringing him along to your new SZ group” :wink:

and saying "hey, if you help me out, I’ll take out to dinner. Maybe?

I can see why he wouldn’t want things to change. He’s doing well. Sad to hear about this great friend of his.

Too bad it’s winter. If it were spring, you could get him out more with help with running errands and other stuff that took time away from this helpful friend.


thanks just knowing there is others out there dealing with this too helps me so much…
Glad my son does not drink or smoke pot, he used to but now he said its bad for him and that’s a good thing…