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Trying to be there for my son's future through exercise

I didn’t do an hour, but I have been surprised how many steps I log on my fitness app just running around after my younger sons. I have teenage twins with really severe autism, and keeping tabs on them can involve a lot of jogging around.

I told my husband about the challenge, and he’s going to join me because he works from home.


@Chong - all of that is what has slipped away from me and I can feel the difference. I don’t feel strong or energized anymore. I know it will be worth it once I can get in the habit of prioritizing the exercise minutes. I am hoping to trick myself into better eating habits - if I can get in the exercise habit -I know I will start to feel motivated to get faster results on the scale AND in how my clothes fit. One pair of pants in my wardrobe are my accountability pants - they are telling on me to myself.

@Hummingbird - Nice! You have a workout partner - that will have to help. My spouse does his 20 minutes a day and can’t be moved off of it. My oldest son has autism, when he got an Apple watch he and his friends were surprised when they found out it didn’t count their walking as exercise. They all walk nearly everywhere they go, now they all walk faster, into technology, they believe their watches like I believe my pants:)

Day 2 - I did get my 60 minutes in (running, push mowing and swimming) I did an extra 10 minutes to make up for Day 1 - I wonder how many days it will take me to get 30 days in a row?

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Hello to everyone! Hope you are all doing all right.

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Day 3 - I did manage to get my 60 minutes in - wasn’t easy. Had to get the 60 minutes in before lunch - I really rather spread them out throughout the day. Its harder to do this than it was when I was younger. Probably more important now.


One of the things I have learned is that a moment of not doing what you had planned to do is NOT failure. You have to give yourself grace and pick up where you left off. You CAN do it MOST of the time! Write down the reasons you want to (exercise, diet or whatever) on a 3x5 card and refer to it often.


You are right, the important thing is to try again the next day. Thank you.

Oh just seen this!
I would love to join in. I could manage this most days.
Got a cross trainer lying gathering dust :joy:
Also hubby has one of those smart core things .
I could do 2 x 30 min during the day with each .
Sounds good .

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Yesterday I did absolutely nothing except childcare/laundry/Staring at TV. But today I started fresh and did some gardening and dog walking. My Yorkie is the slowest-walking dog on the planet but I’m counting it anyway!

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I did get 4 days in a row in - and now am back to Day 1 today. Accompanying husband on a work trip up in @DianeR 's neck of the woods - I am in Denver. Husband was a bit surprised when I wanted to walk a really long way to get hotel room provisions - still only logged 40 minutes yesterday. Didn’t let myself have dessert, not as punishment but as motivation. The deal was no dieting as long as I did the 60. Sigh. But I should be able to get the 60 minutes in without all the work of home and yard to distract me. Right?

Plan to try @Hummingbird 's zumba in the hotel room - hopefully youtube will have some options for 20 minute zumba and pilates, i might have to hope to use a hotel treadmill for the final 20 minutes.

@Jane57 - so glad to have you join us!

@Hummingbird - love dog walking!

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Must say it is easy to keep track of which day I am on this way. First I thought 6 months of 60 minutes a day was my goal. Quickly changed it to 60 days, moved right on to maybe get 30 days in a row. Now going for 10 in a row.


ODL - ZUMBA!? Thought i was going to die, lasted only 10 minutes before bailing.

Hotel room exercising has it space limitations. Did find a 20 minute Pilates on youtube that worked well before the first attempt at Zumba nearly finished me off - I am counting those 10 minutes for sure.

With 30 minutes still needed, I found something much more my speed (my speed turns out to be “awkward turtle” - my grace in Zumba might make that disrespectful to turtles trying Zumba) Found something called “Leslie Sansone’s walk at home” on youtube - much more my speed.

Still needed 10 more minutes so found another one on youtube called “Get Madonna arms with this 10 minute workout”. Needed weights, so borrowed the hotel room’s water bottles, won’t be drinking them at $3.50 a bottle.

Day 1 in the bag. Tomorrow the plan is to try Zumba again- found one called Easy Zumba Class - silly me I had tried beginner Zumba.

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@hope - I’m glad you have good weather today! There are a lot of trails in Denver for walking and running. Here is the map that shows trails around Confluence Park. I hope you are able to get up to the mountains? Yes - easy Zumba probably best!,-105.0098101,17z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x876c7895585484b3:0x578db5bbc69188da!2sREI!8m2!3d39.755622!4d-105.009853!3m4!1s0x876c78c00d4cfa1f:0x42a6bcab698b86cd!8m2!3d39.754654!4d-105.0073457

Here is the Zumba I used to do - I have it on tape. Here I can only find it in Spanish. The guy who created it is Beto. He’s pretty young here. Maybe you know Spanish?

Thanks DianeR - these are great suggestions - he has tomorrow afternoon off and we do want to get out and about exploring more than near the convention center - not complaining - this is a great downtown area.

I do know Spanish :slight_smile:

Didn’t think you were. CO has such amazing bike paths I just wanted you to know. They are everywhere.

I tried to learn Spanish but I only know very little. That video is a little blurry but it was fairly easy.

Have fun in the Mile High City!

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Thanks so much - we will!

Managed a dog walk, 30 min cross trainer and 25 min on smart core all before noon!

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@DianeR The Beto video kept turning sideways on me, I will have to look and see if there is a version that works better.

Day 2 -I did 37 minutes of Easy Zumba Class, 16 of pilates and the 10 minute Madonna arm workout again.

Of everything so far, the Leslie Sansone stuff on youtube is best for small spaces - and I will let you know if the arm workout produces results - do like doing it.

You are all over it!

Easy Zumba is not easy for me! I just jump around and do what I can

Today I tried walking at the mall, but I was with my son who is really agitated today. Not relaxing, that’s for sure.

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That describes me doing Zumba - jumping around. Sorry about your son being agitated today, hope he is feeling better now.