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My son left the house today! Baby steps!

I’m not sure where he went but he took his car and was gone for about 30 minutes. It has been over a month since I have seen him leave. At some point during the night, he did take some sarcosine. I left it for him telling him it was like sugar but would give him more energy. I told him the dose (all on a note). Of course, after he left I was like oh no! I hope he didn’t take too much of that stuff - as I read it enhances colors and your visual perception. So I was glad he wasn’t gone too long. I have now left only the daily dose out for him. Hopeful but not too.


I think that is a good thing. Thank you for sharing.

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I bet you are feeling hesitantly hopeful. (…its what i would call…those small steps) in the right direction. He might be ready to try to broaden his horizons. Sounds like a good thing that he did get out…and was able to show you. He is slowly emerging from that isolated state he was in.

Does he have a “Peer Support” or a “Case Manager.”…or “Supportive Living Workers”…that will come to him and take him places? (and not just Doctor’s Appts)

But will get him to learn to socialize again. Be out in a public environment? Talking and just sharing a soda. (or a meal) …Supports that aren’t just …“family”.

I once heard it said. “WELLNESS” begins with “WE” …perhaps…just a once a week outing with someone he can talk to. Another man his age. (a Case Manager) Might just …“open” that door to his healing.

They have the authority and wealth of knowledge to be able to connect your son…to others. From support groups. Therapists, To a “Game Night” …“Bowling”…there are avenues that might work. or a “Driving Range” for golf. (a lot of men like that)

If you look at your local adult sports teams…they usually have an adult male soft ball team. They all gather to toss a ball around. My ex Case Worker…was on such a team. (He told me he played sports) he was in his late 20’s. He said…they welcomed any guys…that just wanted to play. Some were younger than him. Some were much older.

Or your son…can join a GEO CACHING group. …its a treasure hunt using …GPS. to find locations…to …“leave your mark” …and others…join in. its a lot of fun. So. Just thought i’d …plant some seeds to file away…in your mind. (and your son’s)

My Brother (before he moved) belonged to an Aviation remote control Airplane group. They would fly their planes…together with other enthusists. (men and women) both were welcome. He was a former pilot. (but with 4 kids…he can’t afford to fly…those REAL planes anymore :slight_smile: )

There is also…Remote Control…cars and trucks…Where people gather…and just…play like kids. Its just food for thought. Hope this helps.

Hope this will open a door for him. (and you)

Take Care.


@B4nAfter - We offered a caseworker who came and met with my son (who would have been perfect for him) but he refused it. I’m not forcing anything but letting him come out as he feels like it. Today he came out to get some food and DID NOT run back up to his room when my BF came in the room AND he had some sarcosine. He no longer goes to a counselor or any other docs. I did get him a remote control car for Christmas - which he has yet to use. I may offer a cigarette if he will sit with me for 5 minutes - not talking just sit, do a puzzle, watch a little TV but I haven’t yet as I really don’t want him to smoke again. Baby steps! Thank you for your ideas!