Trying to deal

Does it get easier knowing ? I feel like my husband is a different person and worried what the future holds. He always said he thought something was wrong with his mind. It took a threat of killing himself and a hospital stay to figure out that it was much more. I’m lost. He’s getting help and it’s working but he still tells me he doesn’t feel right. He doesn’t always tell me when he hears or sees something but I can see it in his face when he’s upset.

Hi Sunny, welcome to the forum and to being lost :smile:

I don’t know if it becomes easier for your husband or not. Constantly second guessing your own senses can’t ever be easy. I think as caregivers we become more tolerant and learn how to take things in stride as we learn what is part of the illness.

Hopefully we can help you to understand and cope with what you and your husband are going through.

Thought I would say hi and welcome…

You’re our resource official. What happened?

Make sure to take care of yourself and get time out and about. I hear a lot of caregivers getting close to getting burnt out on here all the time. Just take care of yourself too!