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I started following this lady a little while ago. Her son has Schizophrenia and her page is about spreading awareness and her usually daily blog posts about what they are going through.


A Poem
(A Blog Post)
Sometimes it might feel like
This world is filled with hate
Intolerance for what’s misunderstood
No love for what’s our fate.

The people who sit in judgment now
Find it easy to decide
What’s right for us and for our loves
They take opposing sides.

People come in to our lives
And question what we do
They don’t know how we feel or think
Or what life we have to choose.

This illness eats away at love
For life, for desire, for goals
Its tendrils reach down deep inside
Its darkness takes ahold.

We find a certain kind of peace
In moments lit by light
When schizophrenia backs away
When we can finally stop the fight.

We claim our loved ones trapped inside
Of symptoms that took over
Their very spirit, their essence pure
Our fight becomes much bolder.

Because amongst the grief we feel
For what we lost to illness
We laugh, we love, we hold so tight
To our loved one in the stillness.

For unlike people who stand and judge
We see so much inside
Our loved ones are not just a piece
They’re whole and they’re our life.

On and on we’ll fight the fight
Together we are strong
With love, support and knowing truth
Our resolve and vision’s long.

Life goes on, the other’s judge
What they will never know
But we are here, fighting still
Our strength, our spirit shows.

by Melanie Jimenez