Caring for someone with schizophrenia has taught me

I would say that it has taught me that every day is a blessing because we may not have tomorrow. That the little things do matter and love is stronger then we give it credit for.

If love is so strong, then hate is too. So love is weak.

By that theory hate is weak is also.

I choose love everyday. :heart:

But by choosing love, you leave a vacuum.

What about me? Me and hate? What if I chose hate all the time… Would love follow me the way hate follows you?

And if it did, what would I fall in love with?

I agree, being loved is just as healing and just as scary and just as hard a loving, but what other game in town is there? If you live an breathe, it will happen.

patience and to let go of control and enjoy the surprises that come with it. Nothing works out the way we plan. But we can still be thankful it worked out somehow.

Good to see you online. How are you feeling?

Better I think, everything happened so fast. Now my brother is making sure I have all the free time in the world to do what I’m not sure.

lol Just relax and surf the net and listen to some tunes. :wink: You have earned a rest.

It’s an odd situation right now. He’s doing a lot of the stuff I used to and I’m the one sitting in bed in my pajamas in the afternoon. The world has turned over. I’m not in compete control anymore.

It’s ok to not be in complete control. It’s ok to sit in bed in your PJ’s in the afternoon. Try to relax. Even if your mind doesn’t want to your body needs it right now.

I know, and it’s nice to be reminded of that. It is just so different then anything I could have imagined. If someone would have said, “You know, you might be sick and you’re brother might have to take care of you.”

I wouldn’t want to sell my brother short or not have faith in his abilities, but I guess I would have said, “As long as I’m in control, that will never happen.” I had this plan all worked out. But now the plan is changing. It’s hard to admit. It’s good, and it’s for the best, but it’s not how I saw it. I have to get used to the new picture again.

Life often gives us something unexpected. It seems to me to be an illusion that we can have complete control over our environment or even ourselves. But you’ll often find some important thing within your control.

It’s often good to have plans, it’s much needed. But we do have fall back plans. Looking for the best, be prepared for the worst. It might be hard for the moment. But it will help you adjust better in the future, because it is life itself.

Caring for someone with schizophrenia has taught me more about myself and others around me.