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Unrelaxed facial expression?


Hi Everyone,

Visited dad today and he still has a tense face or something. He looks a little mean actually. The rest of his body is relaxed. My mother points this out to him and he tries to resume to a more relaxed state but it doesnt last long. Is this from the medicine would you say or something else? He’s been like this for a few months…but never before that time.


It’s hard to say.

Sz can make someone feel tense or stern pretty easily. I slip in and out of it.

I can’t fake a smile, so if something isn’t making me happy I’ll probably look pissed.


Thanks SoitGoes! I can’t fake smiles either!


Kamy, is your Dad on an antipsychotic? If so, the meds may be causing this. Google ‘Extra Pyramidal Symptoms’. If this is what is happening, it is of the utmost importance that his docs know about this.

When my son was out on haldol years ago, his face became ‘Frozen’ like a mask, and it was very very terrifying for him. And he had absolutely no control over it. They gave him cogentin, and it went away.


I don’t know how old your dad is or if he has any other medical conditions. My dad was the most easy going and humorous man you could find but when dementia started, he became serious and withdrawn. He had a permanent worried frown on his face. Just thought I’d mention it.


I am a little stone-faced and sort of glare at anything and everyone. I do like humor, however. I can be pretty funny at times. I always value humor. I make fun of myself and everyone else. I make fun of everything. Life is sort of a joke to me, but it can be a sick joke at times. I mean we basically…how to I put it…we humans have made life our bitch. We understand biology and psychology and even physics as well, among other things. We are aware of being aware that we are aware of what we are. See? It’s like a joke.

But I’m not fucking dying anytime soon, that’s not a joke.


“People think I’m insane because I am frowning all the time” -Ozzy Osbourne


I agree with all of the above-but it could also be that he is stressed-trying to hold it together.
I would mention this to his doctor.


Thanks everyone…all the feedback is much appreciated!!! He is on quetiapine at night only. In the morning he takes some antidepressant and another pill to counteract it according to his doctors.
He is 64…was diagnosed as SZ when he was in his very early twenties. He was hospitalized a few times then and was real bad. But for 40 years not a relapse until June of this year.
I will tell my mother to mention this to the dr for sure!!!
My dad was always a talkative, funny, and just a chill guy. Knows everything about history, sports…knows dates like you wouldn’t believe.
Know he has no interest in any of it.
Ugh…I think I need a happy pill!!