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Update for 2020

Hi Everyone! I haven’t been on quite as much just dealing with real life obstacles that are thankfully not related to my son’s schizophrenia, but I thought I’d drop in for an update. A couple of days ago my son had to get minor surgery to remove a ganglion cyst from his wrist. I think he did well with the procedure. He has to keep the bandages on for 5 days so they come off Tuesday.

We opted for no narcotics because of his prior drug abuse history of which he’s been clean and sober for almost 10 years but why tempt fate? So he is just taking Naproxen and Tylenol. He is doing well though but as I observe him I can see how exhausted the whole event has made him. I am glad that I had it so that we can literally stay home for the entire 5 days. I don’t think he could incorporate anything else in his day to day with this major distraction.

The doctor had said that in many cases these cysts can some and go on their own and there wasn’t much discomfort associated with it, but my son was so fixated on it and the fact that it was there he just wanted it gone. The doctor said he could do the procedure under local so he would be awake so I felt better knowing he wouldn’t be put under because he has a seizure condition that has been under control for a good while but again, why tempt fate?

Overall I think he will recover fine from this. In general he remains stable and lucid and to the best of my knowledge he is voice and vision free. He insists this is the case. He does seem to lack more energy as time goes by. Some days are better than others with his energy levels. I have to sometimes just do a “down” day after a couple days of being busy, not just for him but for me too, but then I’m 60 so maybe not so unusual for me.

Our only means of transportation died, engine is shot and it’s not worth fixing so we have had to suddenly manage public transportation which is hard for both of us. He has done well I think with that so long as I am right there with him. It makes him very nervous though and knowing him like I do I can tell because the more nervous he is the more forgetful he is and the more likely he is to become argumentative which is not his way. It’s rare that he gets that way.

I’m doing my best to find a way to get another used car. It will take time though.
To summarize though, the issues I see these days are absolutely no issues at all compared to all that we survived in the early days of his illness. All I feel today is deep gratitude for the wellness he has maintained for so long.

Do I often wish he would suddenly want a new friend or girlfriend or new outside hobby away from the house that didn’t involve me?, YES!, every single day, but I have learned “radical acceptance” from taking a DBT class and it’s helped me tremendously to deal with “what is” and know it’s okay to wish for better knowing full well that it may never happen or that it is what I want and not necessarily what my son will ever want.

He always seems at peace with where he is in his life so long as it’s not racing to catch a city bus or recovering from minor wrist surgery. He is managing day by day and I am grateful. Best wishes to everyone in the New Year.


Oh that is so awesome. I’m glad.

Sorry to hear about your car though.

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thank you @oldladyblue me too, makes the day to day really hard…but we’re managing… :slight_smile:

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Good news is always way more than just ‘good’ on this forum - it give hope and shines a little more light for all of us.

Thanks for the update!