Update on my son


Casey returned home yesterday. Thank god, I was completely worried about him. Yesterday he was acting normal, I could still see there was something wrong with him. This morning he is completely back to normal, I just see he is a little more preoccupied, but he is back to his old self. He thinks it might have happened from a lack of sleep. I will keep my eyes on, and keep him on a medication for a little longer. I expect the worst and hope the best… I am very ecstatic, only time will tell.


That’s very good news – happy for you :thumbsup:


Glad he is home. Hope things continue to improve


thats fantastic news…hope it continues…


That is great news. :smile:


That is indeed great news , hope casey does well


Good luck man,I pray that everything goes well for your son,if you want him not to take meds long term I believe he can,but for now just take it for good sake