Update on my life with schizophrenia

It’s been 18 days since I last called about a peer coach client, so I thought I won’t keep waiting for a call and it’d be ok start looking for other activities. In 2018 I volunteered at my town’s high school speech and debate team. At the time, I drove them to events but now I can’t even drive. Most major volunteer organizations are in Honolulu which is over an hour away by bus. But this opportunity is only a 15 min walk from our house. I just feel tired of being pressured to do this or that and hope this volunteer job, plus weekly support group, is the answer to my problems. My BFF who hasn’t contacted me since moving to Las Vegas wished me happy birthday yesterday. Hopefully there is a way to get a routine and a balanced life for the time being. The next three weeks my mom won’t be home so I might go out for lunch more. I go with her on errands during the week and have been becoming a burden to her but maybe it will get better.

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