Very Interesting Info & Research from a retired licensed psychotherapist

Hello, hope you’re all well…

I was browsing the schizophrenia subreddit the other day and came across a post about a man I had never heard of before named Jerry Marzinsky.

I visited his website and He is a retired psychotherapist who has worked with schizophrenics for over 35 years in various fields, and became particularly interested in the voices (aka hallucinations) that our affected loved ones suffer from and live with.

He has journaled many of his findings and connects many dots and I think he may be on to something.

Moreover, he has tried some unconventional techniques to help schizophrenics get some relief from the constant barrage of slander, vulgarities & harassment that plague sufferers.

Out of curiosity, I decided to try one of his suggestions, and asked my adult stepson (Dx: paranoid schizophrenia) if he would be willing to try and he agreed.

The result was fascinating, as he reported absolute SILENCE from the voices he usually experiences nonstop!

The specific one we tried was the reading of Psalms 23 from the KJV.

We plan on trying some other methods he suggests too, but I was astonished at the effectiveness and had to put this out here in case it helps anyone else.

His website is JerryMarzinsky . com


Thank you for sharing Claire

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Oh gosh, @ClaireR so glad that you have had success with quieting the voices for your son!

Quite a different viewpoint this man, Jerry Marzinsky, has of what causes the voices. Funny thing to me is that my daughter’s recovery over the last few years with the help of haloperidol is based on her learning how to keep those voices away from her “in a little box in her head” as she describes it. She said recently to me that when she originally started hearing and talking to them, 13 or 14 evil intentioned people (who are alive in the real world), invaded her mind without their bodies to feed off of the pain they cause her physically and emotionally. Many have since left her alone, a few she keeps in touch with as friends now.

I will tell her about his man’s methods by showing her his website.

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Oh wow! THANK YOU for posting this .Ive been thinking this all along about my daughter’s case after being labeled sz.
Ive tried doing searches for professionals who have researched this subject but to no avail…until NOW.
It’s one thing to hear a pastor say this, but a whole other ballgame coming from a specialist. There is SO MUCH POWER in the spoken Word of God.
Thank you again for sharing the link. Now if I could only get my very stubborn daughter to co-operate

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