Family and Caregiver Schizophrenia Discussion Forum

YAY! Thank you, Admin!

For me the site was down for a little while. I appreciate this community so much.

Deeply grateful this forum is here.

Thank you admin and everyone.


I have missed the forums and glad they are back! Any idea what happened? Does the site need donations? I am happy to send $5 if it will help, just need to know where.


Missing forum…can’t connect through laptop. I can through the phone, for now. Sometimes I get the site loaded, then it’s gone with a message saying the site can’t be reached due to connectivity issues. Othertimes Google pops the message up right away (an out connectivity). I checked, problem is not on my end. Hoping for a solution…this is a nice forum.


Hmmm…now am on through internet, but get message that there’s a problem if I send a heart. Will this message (via laptop) actually get through? My apologies…I won’t know till I try.

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Sorry for the downtime - needed to renew the domain name and it had an old email associated with it so didn’t get any early warnings.

Taken care of now.


I realized howe much it helped me, when I didn’t have it for a few days. Glad it is up and running.


I was about to go off the deep end when I couldn’t get on - - so I got on Nami and the support is just not the same as here. So appreciative of this group!

I did find a few new books while on Nami:

The Day The Voices Stopped: A Schizophrenic’s Journey From Madness To Hope

      • For thirty-two years Ken Steele lived with the devastating symptoms of schizophrenia, tortured by inner voices commanding him to kill himself, ravaged by the delusions of paranoia, barely surviving on the ragged edges of society. In this inspiring story, Steele tells the story of his hard-won recovery from schizophrenia and how activism and advocacy helped him regain his sanity and go on to give hope and support to so many others like him.

Surviving Schizophrenia, 6th Edition: A Family Manual by E. Fuller Torrey


E Fuller Torrey’s “Surviving Schizophrenia” and the rest of his books are an incredible resource.


@hope - Thank you - I wasn’t sure if that one was any good. I’m glad I bought it.

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