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Visiting my daughter in jail today

I am going to go visit my daughter in jail today. Her behavior has spiraled out of control to the point I know now that I can not keep her safe or others safe from her. She is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. She accidentally cut my sons girlfriend with a knife because she was in the kitchen alone, but swinging a knife around in the air. That’s what the girl said anyway I wasn’t home at the time so I don’t know. Anyway, I’ve spoken with my daughter several times on the phone and she is very angry that her brother called police. She can’t see her fault in this and just blames het brother for everything. I don’t intend on bringing any of this up, but I know she will. She asked me Las night, if I thought she should go to mental court. I said I didn’t know. I think she should. She is just really afraid and doesn’t want to stay in jail. She talked about how when she gets out, she wants us to go out for a big juicy steak. I just really need help with her now and as much as it breaks my heart that she is locked up, I want what is best for her. I’m just hoping the courts will help her and not just punish her. I’m wondering if jail time will just cause more psychological damage.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to have a meeting with the prosecutor and let him/her know that while you are not trying to get your kid off the hook, you feel she needs to be directed into some sort of longer-term, compulsory treatment program? Punishing delusional behaviour won’t save the city money like treating the illness will. As painful as the situation is, it may represent an opportunity to get your kid proper medication and care.


By all means, get her into the mental health system as fast as possible. Once she’s there maybe you can get her on a time released shot.

I’m so sorry you and your daughter are going through this. It’s tough.

My son has been locked up three times. One for carrying a concealed weapon - cops were called because he looked and was behaving strangely and they went through his “murse” he always carries and they found his grandfathers’s WWII ceremonial knife :angry:

I called the jail direct and rather assertively (but pleadingly) told them he was mentally ill and needed his meds and that he should not be in the general population of jail. They were actually somewhat helpful and did move him to the mental health side of the jail, however, we bailed him out before I had to speak with them further about meds. I do believe that jail is psychologically damaging for those with mental illness.

I also made contact with the District Attorney and backed it up with a heartfelt letter explaining son’s situation. We have a good lawyer too. In retrospect after all the dealings we’ve had with the courts, I feel they really do want to cut some slack if it’s warranted.

But to answer your question, I would definitely push hard to get her in the mental health court as others have suggested. And get a good lawyer. We were told that here in GA the mental health courts are only used for felonies on up. And GA just got them up and running in the past couple of years thank God.

Just know that it’s not the end of the world. I always felt that it was each time, but things have a way of working out. Stay strong.

Im sure it depends on where you are but the economical thing for them would be to have here in some kind of mental health program instead of jail because health programs have outpatient treatment and stuff eventually which is cheaper than keeping someone incarcerated 24hrs a day.

So they would probably jump at the opportunity unless she has prior convictions there shouldn’t be a problem.

Or in the US you can just pay a bunch of money and everything is taken care of.

Sadly I am not in the position to bail her put or get a lawyer. I am going to take my sons girlfriend with me to the district attorney’s office and plead for her.I am just so afraid of making it worse on her legally.

Don’t worry. You won’t make it worse. No one can make a better case for her than you:)

Thank you all for your support and advice. I saw my daughter today. It was good to see her but it was filled with lots of tears and thoughts. She is amazingly very intelligent and knows the amount of seriousness that these charges are against her. I’m just really praying for a miracle for her. She has suffered so much since the onset of this horrible condition. I hate what she is going through and has been going through since the onset. I’ve watched her loose her job, her friends, her car and dignity. I wish I could afford a lawyer so that at least maybe she will be saved from more hurt and pain. All in all it was good to see my girl. I wish to God I was more help, but I guess we will just have to hold on and go with the flow until this is all settled.

If she can`t get a lawyer, she should have a public defender-free. If you can get to this person, let them know what the situation is. Write a letter, call. This could help a lot!

I talked to her today her to ask for a public defender. I will let u know. I’m so scared for her. I’m paralyzed with fear, feel like I’m in a dream and can’t wake up. Have no idea what I’m supposed to do. Thank you

Most of the time, a public defender is appointed by the court. Don`t know if your daughter is capable of asking-or if they will listen to her. You can call the county clerk there to see if anyone was appointed, and get that persons ph#
Wishing you luckO