What am i supposed to do now?

My daughter was arrested tonight. She cut my sons girlfriend on the arm with a knife, I’m not yet sure of the details of what happened, I think she was trying to get the knife away from my daughter and got cut in the process. My heart is very heavy tonight, because its been a tough road for my baby girl. I’m scared for her. She recently moved out, but than was kicked out of the place (due to a mess up ) and she was so depressed over the fact that she was happy for once on her own. Now what am I going to except from the law? I begged the police to just take her to the hospital but they said that she would have to face jail. Im lost how to help her now. My only hope is that she will now receive some help because I couldn’t get her to take her meds and I had another week before I could get in to see her doctor.

After your daughter does some time in jail they will probably send her to a mental hospital. Try to give her support while she is in jail. You might be able to bond her out. Make the most of the time she is in the hospital. She will probably be amenable to treatment when she is in the hospital, so try to get her fixed on the road to recovery. I know it will be hard while she is in jail. Give her all the support you can.

That’s how I’m trying to look at this “positively” she was so depressed about not being able to move into her little place, so I’m concerned that she might try to hurt herself.

She may have been in fear for her life due to an large amount of synthetic chemical substances, it is possible that a few words were exchanged. She needs fresh air and new sights. It would not hurt to go on a field trip even if only for a day. Recreational walk time. 15 minutes exercise after attending a few groups while respectfully paying attention to the surrounding people, her input is more than welcome when she feels ready to share. You want her to be how you want her to be, you won’t let her go back to the building where you live until she takes meds. She should look into calling boarding care places and other such resources. Best of luck, may things turn out for the better (of everyone.)