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Waiting and getting angrier by the minute ~!@#

First, that alone isn’t enough to get him put in a hospital… have to be a danger to self or others.
If he gets in a fight with the cops that could turn out very badly in a number of ways.

Secondly, is there any truth to what he is saying? Are the neighbors making meth? If they are then it’s very possible someone is going in his house because people on meth don’t care and do crazy things like that…

So the question is, are these delusions, or are his neighbors really up to something?

No, this isn’t trolling. A person can easily be a T.I. if they live next to meth addicts and the drug addicts are targeting him. TI is a real phenomenon. I’ve been through it on a couple levels, one of which was religious. Not delusional, these were real people doing real things to harass me. I even had to call the cops a couple times.

Now, the thing is while it sounds like TI phenomenon, it may not be. That depends on if the meth neighbors are real and if they are targeting his house. Although it’s a lot like TI it is not organized gang stalking, it would just be a bunch of meth heads being a-holes. take security measures, put up a camera or something, or better locks… I would caution against calling the cops on meth cookers…they are known to retaliate against snitches… and they don’t seem to care. Meth really fries the brain and a person on meth or in the withdraw stage can be dangerous.
Lets put it this way, a meth addict tried to break into someones house near here several years ago and the person was home with all the lights on…the meth dealer got shot at…

Again, I think it would be very important to know if the meth part of his story is actually true or not.

People can freak out when they feel they are targeted in the beginning, but it can calm down. For some people, they can function without meds, for others they have to hit rock bottom unfortunately.

If your son only has these feelings and ideas when off meds that is a good sign. That means he could fully overcome it.

If I were you, I would do research in the different meds they have for this. A lot of the meds have terrible side effects and people don’t want to take it, but some have less side effects. It just depends on his biology. Geodon may be an option and so could abilify. Risperidone at low doses is tolerable for some and is also consumer reports top recommended.

I wouldn’t completely leave it up to the psychiatrists. Look at what they are prescribing him. It could be too much medication, or it could be outdated medication like zyprexa.

If he won’t take it, try another med or lower the dose.

This is could be true about meth-dealers…but he is also talking about all of us-that we should be screening our phones. He would have to get the landlord to change his locks.

He`s been off his meds for 5 or 6 months now…

I think it’s got past the “trying to avoid bad experiences” stage

Just wondering if Anything you can do to get him committed inc calling the cops might be a good idea

I remember what I put my family through when I was psychotic. The police had to take me in. To the psychotic person it seems like he’s being reasonable, and everyone else is behaving irrationally. That is extremely hard to break through. Is your son likely to harm himself or anyone else? If that’s the case the police might be an option. I’ve been manhandled by the police several times. It didn’t traumatize me. The damage he might do to himself might be greater than what the police would do to him. You’re in an extremely difficult position. I feel for you with the decisions you have to make.

@CloudDog you are probably right-I`m going to see him tommorow.
@crimby-not sure about the harming-but he sure could get himself into some trouble!

What is TI?

No-he hasn`t talked to his sister in years…there could be some elements of truth in what he was trying to say, but he definitely needs to be back on his meds.

This might be a good strategy!

I’ve gotten into a few tussles with the police, and they didn’t charge me with anything. The police realize it comes with the territory. However, the police can play some pretty mean tricks. One time they put the handcuffs on me super tight and tossed me into the back seat of a patrol car with three other mental patients for a ninety mile ride to the hospital. There was a big numb spot on my right hand for a couple of weeks after that. It’s been my experience that that is the way the police in Oklahoma handle resistance. They practice what is called “pain compliance”. If you get too crazy they can hurt you. I had an AA sponsor who got his back messed up by the police. He suffered complications from it years later. Of course, he had behaved outrageously with them.

I dont like it! My son is pretty-well- really hardheaded and obstinate and I know he feels awful when the police have to come on the scene-humiliating for him. Well, now theyre supposed to have CIT training, but if the cops have to come, you can bet I will be there.
I`m sorry you has to deal with this too.

Targeted Individual = someone who is harassed by others in an ongoing fashion, usually for something they did not do…It’s associated with gang stalking or organized gang stalking…

Examples can be being placed under surveillance without a warrant, or when you havent done anything wrong
Religious people do it sometimes when someone leaves the fold, or if they are trying to convert someone using aggressive methods.
Drug dealers will do it if they think someone is a snitch or a threat, or sometimes just out of paranoia.
There are some other things along these lines.

While there are people who are truly TI’s and are being gang stalked, sometimes people get paranoid and think they are being targeted when they are not. Often one might lead to another. I’ve been through that before. Some things did actually happen, like black vehicles parked near my house, following me, etc… but that was temporary…yet I began to suspect ALL black vehicles I saw. There were really only 2 black vehicles involved, and a gold vehicle.
same goes for helicopters…I’ve had black unmarked helicopters over my house a couple times…most likely scanning for drugs…which I don’t do so the choppers passed on…yet I was wary of all black helicopters.
Another problem is people think its always the govt watching them when in reality its usually the DEA doing their job… now if they are using infrared that can see into your home, its a warrantless invasion of privacy, but it’s usually not what a lot of people think…

I know this feeling oh so well! My son was made to leave my home after his out burst. I am at a loss for words as to how to cope, or react to his “other” friend that is with him at all times. No doctors will help him, there is no one. My heart is smashed in 10 thousand pieces and I don’t know how or when they will mend. We need VALUE in our childs life, mental illness will continue to spiral downhill if no one is willing to take the leap and help.

Gang stalking as it is defined by the “evidence” presented by, well any one who has presented evidence, is a completely paranoid, narcissistic (even though negative) term used by people who think people going about their normal lives are actually covertly stalking them. An organized campaign intended to harass, perhaps drive insane,
it’s victims. Anything a victim has said prior to disclosing their belief in gang stalking, is for me, immediately discounted. It is a ridiculous premise.