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Waiting and getting angrier by the minute ~!@#

My son has been off meds for about 5 months now. He was having a few things ( auditory, delusional thoughts ) here and there, but mostly he was doing ok.
The last 2 weeks I have seen a slow-spiraling. Last night, 2am I am getting texts from him…telling me to tell his sister to start scanning her phone, the neighbors are making meth, someone keeps breaking into his place, etc…
When he gets this way, I cant tell him anything-nothing! Did a lot of calling around last night. We dont have any kind of CIT here except with the police. I am trying VERY hard not to get him admitted to the hospital. Theory being that he has been so traumatized by police and theyre roughness. Last night he was verbally abusive if I tried to say anything to him. So-we are hoping that he will admit himself? Knowing his history, I cant see that happening. My sister thinks we should just hang on and see what he does. I was hoping to get him in for a few days before he got himself in trouble-even possibly lose his place, or yell at the neighbors, or even attack someone if he felt threatened.
He is not going to get any better, right?
There is really no one that can help-and he will fight anyone that tries to take him in.
Sitting here at work-just waiting for a phone call.
Im SO sick of everyone I talked to last night telling me he is an adult and cant be forced-blah-blah…
He has rights–but the police, or a judge can take them away If I want to go to court to have him evaluated.
Really, I have to wait until something really bad happens before anyone can help him…
Sometimes I feel that I am going to lose my son because of crap like this…
Nothing has changed in 20 years of this disease with him as far as the mental health system goes…
I don`t know what to do.
Maybe write a letter to the president.

First… Breathe!

I’m sorry. Without CIT and if he won’t admit himself then you may have to have him involuntarily admitted… No he is not going to get any better from the sounds of it and is getting worse.

I agree, the system sucks! Watching someone go through this and being powerless to stop it makes one want to yell at the powers to be…

big hugs

We do have CIT, but only the police have that. Is that the kind you are talking about?
He is so wound up that he would probably fight the police-then be put into restraints. Im trying to avoid this experience this time. I dont see any insight going on with him.

20 yrs? Thats just like me and my condition it has recently in the past year taken such a bad turn that I now kinda believe im some kind of angel are something doing Gods work.SERIOUSLY.

I used to be just paranoid but the delusions and voices have gotten so bad that maybe its true maybe I am doing Gods work…is he doing Gods work? if he is maybe thats why people are after him.

Thats why they are after me.

Ya know it was meth dealers that chased me out of my home town because I was doing Gods work.Check out the post in my profile it tells all about it.

I think he needs be on medication and stabilize,then you might want to ask the doctor to help him prescribe with the most effective personalize medication combination to him,so that he won’t suffer so much…being on medication is important but being on the right combination or right medication is also important…

I was only on abilify for a few years,3 years to be exact,it didn’t help me a lot…but on 2013 November I was put on mirtazapine by my psychatrist,it helped very much,my mental problem has gone very much

It sounds like the targeted individual phenomenon. Some of those people settle down on their own without medication. I observe and interact with them often. They can be wacky, but they’re relatively harmless. If he connected with their community it might give him a support network. It sounds like a messed up thing to say, but if he could connect with other people like him it might help him cope and get his barrings. It would be a safer bet than total isolation.

I think you’re way out of line @Daimon take your ideas and take them to some other forum. Bridgecomet is suffering and you’re just talking shit.

Let me explain further. The targeted individuals advocate things inside their peer group that although may be paranoid, can get people out of trouble. For instance, they will say that the “perpetrators” want to provoke you into committing a crime so you end up in jail or an institution. They tell you you have to be in control of your emotions and demeanor in public and not to be provoked. They advocate nonviolent activism on the internet essentially.

I think you’re a troll.

I am honestly not trolling. I’ve been around the block with these people, and it might actually be the safest bet for the time being if he found a support group of nonviolent “protestors.” Many of them are Christian and can calm a person down who is on the edge.

well sir, I’ve been around the block a lot longer than you and you are OUT OF LINE.

Anyway, that is just me playing the devils advocate. Of course he should take medication if he is hearing voices, What my family did is not force it. They put me in control of when I took it and if I took it and I learned on my own I needed it.

I think the best bet is to project confidence to your son and not freak out.

Form more of a connection with him. Buy him things if you have to and spoil him. Take him to nice restaurants, etc. This will bond you more and build trust. You will also have your eyes on him. Right now this is the most horrific time in his life, and he should be made to feel comfortable and loved.

I am going to eat out with my mom now at an expensive restaurants… Like I said, project confidence and don’t freak out. Have you ever heard the expression if you treat a person like an animal they might become one? …

**Thanks for all your replies-it does help…
@jukebox thank you for watching out for me–its ok. Youre a great friend OO

It sounds like his sister is still a friend of his… looking out for him…

Is there anyway she could help?

I do know… probably even if I wasn’t stable… If my sis said… “Hey J I’m not feeling well… I’m going to the hospital… please go with me?” I most likely would… because I’d worry about her.

But if someone told me “You might need to go to hospital because …” shields up and I’ve stopped listening. I try to keep an open mind these days… but old habits die hard.

I’m sorry this is hitting your son. Too bad there wasn’t a visiting nurse or care team to help cool the mood and keep the police calm… and get him to help before he got worse.

Wishing you the best and sending hope to both of you. I do hope he gets the help he needs.

Most people here know exactly the issue in the US with a person who lacks insight versus someone who knows their symptoms and is a willing consumer. The issue is who determines that a person needs help, and then they need to evaluate the claims of the person with schizophrenia. That’s why a court is often involved. But it leaves families desperate when a person is truly psychotic and continually unraveling, as the illness can manifest sporadically, or sometimes gradually over time. Stay strong!! I hope and pray for relief for you and your loved ones.

LOL Daimon is a nut job don’t listen to him.