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Want to move out of state with sz son

Thank you. I will do check into that. I am currently trying to get my son on disability. Sent the forms in a month ago and have not heard anything. I will try to find mental hospitals. The “hospital” close by was changed into a COVID unit so they sent him to a place 50 miles away and told us he was better after 2 days and we needed to pick him up. I just realized last night that he took all of my pain pills that I had for a recent shoulder injury. Now I am wondering if these last episodes he has had was because he took them along with his meds. And, I no longer have anything for my pain! This stinks!!!

Hi Cerium,
I’m so sorry about your husband. I hope you are healing from the loss. And I hope your daughter is too. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for you both.
I too have a grandson way on the other side of the country. I’ve only seen him once and he’s now 2.
Many people I used to know have retired and moved to start over, it’s frustrating. I guess I’m an enabler to my sz son because I do everything for him. We have a little area in my backyard that we play cards in every night and I decorate it for each season. Now I’ve got to dig out all the Halloween stuff and I just don’t feel like it anymore. They are building so many houses and apartments where I live, my once quiet street is like a highway. I’m really sad today because I don’t know how I’ll escape this. Guess I should be thankful I have a home and my son is happy. I can’t take him for a visit, he would never agree to that. But thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate your response to this topic very much. Guess we just got to keep on trucking… thank you!