Watching for too long

Well, my son missed mental health court. he now has a warrant out and will have to go turn himself in. He has also lost the ONLY person who has ever been able to get through to him due to budget cuts. I dont think he showed up for his drug test either. So-he knows he has to do this, and his anxiety level is so high, that It is impossible to be around him. Non-stop talk and if I say anything, he thinks we are arguing. Actually, I dont have to say a word.
I am so tired of worrying about this kid of mine { for 20 years now } that I am starting to let go-I think-and I am getting extremely tired. My family is tired of hearing of me talk about it all the time. I may be heading in a good direction…
My question:
How in GD~S name can I get his nurse practioner to give C. the relief he needs? Why be so worried about past drug abuse? I see other people on here who are able to get xanax, klonopin, etc…
It`s too hard to watch my son with this high anxiety…and I know how it feels…

I’m not very familiar with anxiety. I don’t know what alternatives there are to benzos. I hope there is something else that they can give your son to help.

Personally, I hate benzos. I think they’re dangerous and very easily abused. Death due to benzo abuse, particularly when mixed with alcohol isn’t uncommon. I can see why the nurse would be reluctant to give some to a person they think might abuse them.

My girlfriend has taken benzos and it makes me terribly nervous when I hear tell me that she’s taken more than prescribed.

**I wish there was something. He was on neurontin for a short time, but he quickly built up a tolerance and took more then he was supposed to. Sometimes I think he takes benadryl to help himself. He has been self-medicating for so long ( up until 2 years ago ). He is trying, but sometimes he gets so anxious he looks for anything…

BuSpar can help with anxiety, but it takes up to 4 weeks to work, and has a dubious reputation. It’s not a benzo.

Im not sure if he has tried this before, but Im going to check it out online…Thank You!

sorry you are going through that, i admire you for helping your son for so long, but you need to look after your self too.
take care

Thank you…needed to hear that:)

So sorry to hear what you are going through. I know what it’s like to be so worried about someone you love going through this, it’s extremely hard to cope sometimes. As @darksith said, you need to look after yourself so please try and take care of yourself. Will keep you in my thoughts.

I do hope you can also find a second opinion and also I hope you find a support group for you as well. You also have needs and concerns. If you can connect with other people in your boat and in your area, you might find some resources you didn’t know were out there.

Good luck, I’m rooting for you both to get through this.

I would ask the NP about Limbitrol (chlordiazepoxide/amitriptyline). Its a tricyclic antidepressant combined with a low-abuse potential benzodiazapine. The amitriptyline is very powerful (and quick) in treating moderate-severe anxiety and depression. Plus the chlordiazepoxide is long acting and not likely to produce euphoria or any “fun” intoxicating feelings.

I certainly hope that he can get his anxiety treated safely ASAP. Sending positive thoughts your way.



Thanks Anthony! Does this come in an injectable form?

You’re very welcome! Unfortunately it only comes in an oral tablet form. If med compliance is an issue, this might be problematic, as Limbitrol is given in 2-4 doses per day.

Its still a great med though–especially for its low abuse potential and quick action. Its at least worth discussing with his NP.



I’m very glad I read this thread, thank you Anthony.

For I have a bad anxiety disorder that is currently untreated as my practitioner refuses to prescribe anything with abuse potential as she was my practitioner at the dual diagnosis program I went to. I’ll ask about this one, and if not then I will be seeing a doctor at my mental health center in a month so perhaps they would consider it.

I had a history of drug abuse from my teen years that haunted me in my medical records. I had panic disorder that went untreated for years because of this.

Finally, I convinced my doc to prescribe a 2 week supply of Klonopin. I also told her that I’d be willing to undergo drug screening as well. After a few months of going to her every 2 weeks for refills, she finally started to trust me and see that I wasn’t abusing my medication.

Ive been on Klonopin ever since. And have never had any issues with abuse or misuse.

That may be an approach to use with your doctor.



hi b.comet. i do not post to often - but this forum has been a cushion for me for a long time. brave. good people. my daughter is also twenty. sza and possible pdd. i was very consumed with grief for a long time. i still have my moments but have learned to do whatever it takes to take care of my own well being. i have no family where i live, little suport and spouse works overseas most of the time. he was recentle duagnosed with treatable cancer. my son has high functioning aspergers. iam very busy and my family’s nonstop suport. HOWEVER - no matter who needs me at the moment, I know life will be more difficult and I will go under if I do not find a way to take care of me. If I have zero time I simply breathe using a technique. more time - lift weights. no family support - a person will do - if they are not there I cuddle with my dog. read inspiration. go for a walk, swim, or just a ride in your car. whatever calms. keep faith in a god you perceive, or find a mantra to read everyday. know that people on this forum have been in similar shoes and care. above all give yourself a little time to grieve, be angry or sob everyday - then pick yourself up and rescue the key player - which of course is you and your son will benefit. hugs to you and your son, Paula

This is my support group–along with a sister in Ca.
I feel very lucky to have you guys!

Well, C. was picked up Thurs. on a bench warrant for not showing up for mental health court. Just found out today. Also missed his drug screening tests. A police officer told me some years ago that he has beenusing for so long, he didnt think C. would ever be able to be completely drug free. However, I will continue to do what Im doing! Cant thank you enough for the info. on that med. Tommorow, I will probably take the opportunity to just slip a piece of paper with the name of that, and a few other meds as well. Im also going to bug the ~!@#$ out of the NP tommorow about discussing med changes with him.

I’m on a very low dosage of Lorezapam for my anxiety problem. But I know that can be somewhat habit forming too. I know you must be tired of all this and it’s true you need to look out for you first and foremost but your son needs someone he may not see it when in a certain state of mind but he does need you or someone.

I would seriously talk to the nurse practitioner and explain in situation to her, she might have some ideas that may help. The only thing I would think about monitoring is abuse of the drug is keep them out of his reach, like keep them near you then you can monitor when and how much he takes of whatever drug he may need. Sorry I can’t offer much help, I’m not used to working with people with addictions. But I do have anxiety issues and knowing that my parents are here for me always helps, even if it doesn’t show right away, it does help in the end.

Keep advocating for your son’s health. It will pay off. He’s very lucky to have a dedicated mom like you :slight_smile:



I know my son’s anxiety goes up in direct proportion to his marijuana use. What he calls anxiety can sometimes be withdrawal. I was scanning a lady’s blog just the other day and it was about her son’s addiction. I think he explained withdrawal as a physical pain that would have him running for relief. Due to my son’s addictive personality I do my best to keep benzo’s out of the equation. However that does still leave anxiety to be dealt with. Once I got my son a herbal tincture which I do think helped him but he tried to abuse that too so I got rid of it.