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Weird Experience and want to know what he is thinking


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The Outer Banks and Moab look beautiful.

The list on the wall is a practical idea.


This is OCD behavior, a lot of people who have schizophrenia also have some OCD, too, but you probably know this. Still, doesn’t really explain it. My son is slightly OCD at times. It is quirky, but it’s not concerning in his case. That’s very puzzling about the piece of paper, though. So much about this illness is puzzling! :frowning:


Agreed, very puzzling. My feeling is, is that if he didn’t go back and pick up that piece of paper, I think he thought something bad would happen, which is definitely OCD. He used to set things up in the floor,…things that didn’t make sense, like my sons picture with a leaf. He would sit there with tweezers to get it just right and would get upset if you walked by it and the breeze from your walking would move the leaf or the picture slightly. He would go right back to his knees with the tweezers. Such torture for him and for me watching him go thru that. I will never know why he did/does half the things that went/go on, so I stopped asking a long time ago. He has been robbed of a life of normalcy and my son and I have been robbed of him and the way he used to be. Now he is in jail because he skipped court for an offense that didn’t involve incarceration and while in jail, he refused to go to court again, which I didn’t know that was possible. Now he will be in jail until December, no bail and there is nothing I can do about it except keep making the court aware of his illness, which is what I have done already.


It seems like if the charge was for JUST NOT SHOWING UP then they should sympathize with him more knowing the can’t help his illness. These people are mean I am sorry.


You work so well with her. She totally trusts you. This is my downfall. My husband don’t trust me and won’t reveal to me he has problems. But if he is in an episode there is not hiding it.


Greg, are you okay today?


yep, Friday…


GSSP–don’t take this the wrong way, but if I were you, I’d take myself on a nice vacation. De-stress for awhile, cut back on the smokes, drink pina colodas.

Hire a caregiver to look after them while you are gone, and maybe keep a caregiver part time when you get back to give yourself a break.:palm_tree:


Just got back from vacation… 7 days on the outer banks of NC, It don’t really help much… lol


Love the Outer Banks.:tropical_fish:
What about part-time respite care for your wife and daughter?


LOL Not, I think they sat out on the front porch the entire time waiting on me like little puppies. They do miss me when im gone… My daughter always meets me with a custom high end tobacco cig when I get home from work… She buys all types of tobacco and machine loads the tubes… I deleted the part above about our place, full perimeter 6’ chain link with barbed wire, they lock down the gate at the end of the driveway. This place is a fortress… they like it, cameras everywhere too… I also leave them enough food for 20 people, a case of cigs, 50 lbs of meds… I tried bring in support types in the past, that just will not work… They are better off alone… Vacations dont help much as I worry constantly, which does not change when home or gone, always the same level of stress regardless. My traveling companion enjoys the trips but people here on this forum would hate me more if I got into that… I have a complicated life with two homes… I want more children, but its about to late for that… Back during the multiple heroin overdoses, I often would not bother to come home… Just let the system take care of it… “They” all know who I am but I have rarely met any of them… I will often write a letter to the County Sheriff complimenting his people… When they show, they know, it is nearly impossible for a cop to enter my end of the house… They would need fire department tools to get in… I shit you not, pretty damn funny sometimes, if you have a warped sense of humor like I do… Also deleted above, “Who is really the crazy ones here?” I will probably delete all this too, dont know why really, just do… yall have a good weekend, time to pack it up and leave… BYE


They are well cared for!
Where do you all live?


Yes he could have saw something that was not real and took the picture to prove and or review later. But at the moment he took the picture, he probably was sure he had real proof.
Full blown psychosis may or may not put you in danger. Think it depends on the underlying personality of the schizophrenic patient. In our case our son is more of a danger to himself than others but each case is different. In any event better to plan how you will handle a crisis now rather than trying to figure out what to do in the middle of the crisis.


The rocket city, heart of Dixie, very very high tech area of the south and the source of my wealth…


see this is my problem, i cry often over this, what will happen when im gone, there is no one that can handle them, they will get split up, so fucking sad,


The next day all was well. We ate super together and he acted ok. Then as we r in the living room he asked me why he had such a bad headache yesterday. I said I don’t know but when I came home from work he had it then.

He says n a low voice as I yawned so couldn’t clearly hear 'that’s illegal". I said “what”. He said “you heard me” and I said no I didn’t. Anyway fromantic what I could make of it he said that’s illegal. So he was pretty much blaming me for giving him something r implanting a chip. He blames me of this a lot.

After I said no I didn’t hear I left it alone cause he said nothing else. I went to our room and was reading a church book. He came in and was nice again and asked me to read aloud for him so I did.

It’s weird cause the accusations last 5 min sometimes and a day r two and once it lasted 3 weeks.


Supper…not super. Typing by phone is harder than computer hehe


I have used “who’s crazy now” a good deal in posts and thought it even more - this stuff makes us all a little batty after long years - have a good weekend!