Family and Caregiver Schizophrenia Discussion Forum - Need to find a Therapist (UK)


There are many reasons why people seek counselling or therapy. Perhaps you are anxious or depressed? Dealing with a phobia which is impacting your life? Feeling isolated or lonely? Suffering from traumatic events, or bereavement? Experiencing relationship or family problems? Feeling unhappy at work or in your career? Having difficulty coping or settling into university life? Suffering from low confidence or self esteem? Or perhaps you are struggling with destructive or addictive behaviour?

Talking therapies such as counselling, psychotherapy, psychology and hypnotherapy have been proven to be able to help with these types of problems and many more. In fact, a recent survey found that more than half of all people in the UK have either seen or know somebody who has seen a therapist and this number is growing as people realise the benefits that it can have.

But if you are considering counselling or therapy, how do you know what kind you need? And how do you know if a therapist has the necessary training and experience to deal with your particular issues, or if they are going to be the right fit for you? It can be daunting trying to figure this out or to even know where to start. That’s why we developed the directory.