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What a difference a year makes

I’m writing as an update. I posted about my husband’s issues over a year ago. The cycle continued: homelessness, drug use, psychosis, hospital admission, med refusal. Last January he was arrested for possession and was in jail for close to 10 days when he attempted suicide. He was unsuccessful. I bailed him out and he went in the hospital. Again the cycle continued.

In May he went in the hospital and something clicked… the Dr made the official SZ diagnosis and he began invega. After a few bumps… my husband is at home and 120 days clean. He hates invega and the side effects- esp. sexual- so it’s an argument each month but he’s never seriously tried to stop. He admits he’s happier now and admits he has SZ.

I’m just so grateful!


I am very happy to hear that your husband is in treatment and at home with you, wishing you and your husband continued success in 2018.


Happy for you Sadwife.

My Son has been in California since June and he has been in and Out of Hospitals several times.
he appeared in the court for a his probation violation last Wednesday and was released after 3 days of jail time and he has not contacted anyone from Family and friends.
Trying to Locate him.
Going through high Anxiety during this Holiday season.
I will be contacting Authority Today to report him missing.

Pray for me.


I know we are lucky for now and that difficult times lie ahead… but I’m just trying to be grateful for each day. If I let myself think about going through it all again it’s overwhelming. One thing I HAVE learned is that I will IVC him if he becomes psychotic!


In so sorry… what you are going through is the worst.


Thank you for the good news and update.


Congratulations, and MERRY CHRISTMAS

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Meds do make a difference, and for many people sz is manageable with medication! My brother had his first episode almost a year ago, and right now he his taking his meds, working full time, dating, and finishing up his last college classes remotely. He is doing so well