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What to do with a suicidal sister? Seems so out of help's reach.. planning?



I have noticed an increase in her very chronic, very alcoholic drinking, planning for the future - where she will move what job she has found, what we will do when i visit… and a descent into even worse more hopeless depression, she’s made a will a few months ago and just said goodbye to me on the phone as though she is saying goodbye. She seems flatter than ever.

I don’t think there is anything i can do to help I’ve called the ambulance so many times and they have not taken her in… even after an overdose of sleeping pills… this in comparison is not acute, she will explain it away and then be angry with me again she has elicited a promise not to call again
she’s been to court lately for harassment, i think this will now be thrown out of court… it’s a bit complicated, but when i call the ambulance it makes her angry because it’s hurting her future chances and the police keep a record of everything

I just phoned her to see how she is and she is not good.
She’s been depressed for 2.5 years, drinks every day; drinking to get drunk most days.

She is staying at our mum’s but i think her isolation is such that I’m the only person she sees other than her mum making me more important as a person to reach out to.

I have Asperger’s and find even unpressured conversation difficult - unless it’s all about me and what ever is on my mind.
This can’t be my only excuse for not trying to save her.

I’m really worried. When i saw her today i came away crying and frantic… other than the phone call i made i feel helpless - i could go back round there but I think i wouldn’t be welcome


I’m sorry to hear this. May be you can look for resources available in your local community. She needs help. And you are good enough for always caring about your sister.


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