What is your favorite family activity?


For me it’s cuddling on the couch with my hubby with my son on the other couch, drinking tea and watching our TV shows.


I’ve been trying to pull out the guitar more when my sister is plinking around on the piano. I used to really dislike it, but I’ve now come to depend on “Adventure day” Sundays.

This is a whole family of swimmers, lifeguards and surfers. We do surf to varying degrees. I have a cousin who rules the short board. I’m a long board guy for now.


My favorite family activity is hiking and photography. We all bring cameras and hike (walk) through state parks. Make a fire, cook some hotdogs with a stick, go swimming, throw the stick for the dog, watch the day go by beside a river or lake. The day is full of smiles and sometimes ends with ice cream.


Our favorite is to play games – card, dice, and board games.


Scrabble and sticky popcorn on a rainy afternoon. Or surfing.