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What is your favorite "me time" activity?


Being online and writing


Sunrise and sunset.

If only i could find a way to get out to the more beautiful parts of where i live to watch them, no transport though.

Nature in general really.

And hockey used to be one of my favorite things also.

Also enjoy cooking a good meal, i probably would have been a chef had i not been tortured to death by spirits.

I would write as well, but i really just suck at it, i would do all of those things, paint, write, and make music, poetry, but i really really suck at all of it.


If you enjoy writing, painting and poetry then I would say do it. Don’t judge it as good or bad just enjoy doing it.


Walking, being online. :computer:


Swimming, writing, walking in the park feeding duck and koi… and thinking up bad jokes…

What do you call a bear with no teeth?
A gummy bear…


being online, writing lyrics, stories, walking my dogs. if i had the money i would do just those things and nothing else. am saving up for some music software…either that or a new car…or a new dog…dunno…just saving for something anyway.


napping with my kittens…closely followed by something young men do alone (hopefully alone)


I like to play my piano, swim and go to the library where someone can’t tell me all the ponderings going on in their head.


Having meals out and about with my girlfriend (it’s a social thing, plus the food is good too). Drinking chai latte’s at a café in the city.


At present stage, I enjoy loosing my consciousness to sleep when I am really tired.

Generally feel a bit uncomfortable when I am awake, whether I am alone or staying with others.


I am the most centered when I’m riding my horse, and the farther I go the better I feel.

I also do yoga, which really helps my mind and body

Sitting by the stove watching the snow fall is right up there as well…


walking my dogs in the forest is right up there. it’s great for them and good for me too as it usually makes me feel better about myself and lifts my mood. it’s not so nice at the moment because it’s so boggy but it’s still good nonetheless. i shall b taking on some new hobbies shortly such as knitting and sewing aswell as writing. looking forward to those things. got to wait for a referral but that should only take about 4 weeks to b processed. i have to sign the forms on monday afternoon. so i’m getting there slowly but surely. xxx


Computer programming.


I used to be a computer programmer when I had my last job. I know Ada, Visual Basic, and C. I tried dabbling in python but couldn’t think of a good small project to do… one that I really needed. What’s your favorite language?


I like to go to the movies and also to take drives in the country. Petrol is getting very expensive so I can’t drive as often as I used to.


My favorite language is Python. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s quick. I use it a lot for GIMP plugins, text and database work, and some filesystem stuff. I wrote a game in Python, a computer version of an old collectable card game, Doomtrooper.

Here’s a video I made a while back demoing it.

I’m working with c++ now. A reworking of the card game.

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Playing piano and taking walks with my dog are my favorite activities. Always puts me in a good mood!




Watching educational or mind/science videos on youtube, reading books, movies, and writing! I love writing it’s the best.


Listening occasionally to shows on Public Radio. Other than that - lying on the bed under my quilt. Or in the summertime in front of the fan.


I enjoy tormenting people online for no good reason, like my good ole buddy malvok.