What State or Country are you from?


I am curious as to where people live. I hear a lot about people having long hospital stays and permanent housing for their sz person. Here in Colorado (US) I’ve been told there is only 72 hour holds (that I know of) for a hospital stay.


Uk london where are you ?


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I am in Colorado (US).


North East England…


UK. I’m in a different city from my son


We live in Kentucky.


We live in Ohio…


We move A LOT for husbands work.

There are few states that we have not been in.

Right now: Los Angeles, California

More specifically: Anahiem

We use UCI Med Center…great place!


We live in Michigan, US


We live in Ohio too.


It is my understanding that U.S. state laws vary a bit on involuntary hold times and the criteria for those holds, but 3 days is a common maximum. However, if the person continues to be of danger (or of imminent danger, or whatever way your state law reads) to self of to others, the hospital stay can be longer. And once the person is stable and no longer of harm to self or others, my experience in two different states is that the hospital will make every attempt to have as safe of a discharge as possible. They work with the patient (and hopefully the family) to develop a plan. If the patient is an adult, his/her desires prevail, unless you have guardianship. I expect that states, and even jurisdictions, may vary on the interpretation and practical application of these things.


South Eastern Australia. We have been caring for my son for 18 years.


Writing from Sweden. My husband is Swedish.


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Ohio United States :unamused::snowflake:️:snowflake:️:snowflake:️


I live in Ontario, Canada. The longest my son stayed in hospital was 2 weeks but my husband had a 5 week stay.


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I’m in Cambridge, UK.

The experiences we have in our own countries is one of the things that makes this website so helpful.

USA, Australasia, and Europe so far, anybody from Africa or Asia?

Thank you.


Texas, a very small rural county. Our sheriff told us that if our son threatened us or actually attacked us, he would be arrested and - only if he answered the questions “correctly” that the local, useless mental health provider asked - just the old bare minimums, Do you want to hurt yourself? Do you want to hurt someone? Only if he answered yes, would they put him in a mental hospital unit for 3 days. At the end of the 3 days he would be offered the opportunity to stay 2 more weeks if he wanted.

At no time would they be able to force him to take meds during that stay. The only time would be if they had to restrain him for behavior.

Jeb would never answer yes to either question.