What State or Country are you from?


@hope4us - Thank you for clarifying this for me. I think this is a helpful chain as we can reference it when someone says they’ve had longer hospital stays. Then we can see where they are located.


My son is in CA and he is currently Conserved. He has been in the Hospital for almost 2 months and will be transferred to locked facility or Group home when he is ready.


I am from Colorado as well. I just was able to get my son on a 72 hour hold yesterday after months of going to the crisis center at Jeffco Mental Health and many scary incidents with his behavior. I am hoping they can get his meds figured out. Jeffco just kept changing, adding and send him home see you in 3 months. I am afraid they will release him after the 72 hours and not give him the chance to be observed and meds correct with a correct evaluation. You are right about the laws. They are designed to protect the person and their rights and I understand that. I just wish they had more step down living arrangements after hospitilaztion where they could receive some good counseling/therapy and slowly gain their strength to go home and back into community. There are just not enough in patient therapy accommodations. Of course he would have to want to do that and that is part of the illness with SZ that he just doesnt see that he needs that kind of structure… My son is now 32 and I know he is angry at me… thinks I just wanted him to go to hospital for no reason and so I hope he gives them a release of information for me so I can know what is going on. In hindsight I should have applied for guardianship a long time ago. Just never thought I would get to this point where we did not have a good relationship and trust but as the illness has progressed he seems to trust me less and less.


Colorado here, too. Three of us in Colorado so far. Hmmm…


Ocean County, New Jersey! Most of the time when my husband goes in the hospital it’s a 7-10 day stay depending on how well he does or 2-3 months if they transfer him to a state hospital…more of the latter it seems lately!


I would visit my Aunt and Uncle in Sea Isle City growing up. I don’t remember much but I do remember salt water taffy, a boardwalk, and lots of critters in the water

Nice to meet you…


Hi Hatty

I always remember your name popping up when I first came on - and BarbieBF. I still check her blog from time to time but don’t see her on here anymore. Haven’t been around much myself. Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to say hi


Hi, nice to “see” you. I just pop in now and again. I see that here and on the Diagnosed board there is a different population these days. I hope it’s because as time goes by people DO actually recover and we, their carers, need less support and can get on with our lives again so we come by less often. I tend to pop by when my son is at a new “stage” in his recovery. Now he has been free of psychosis for over two years and even his negative symptoms are starting to abate and he’s been accepted to university again. So I’m feeling nervous! He may or may not succeed. So we could be in for almost complete recovery (on medication), or if he fails again, it could be devastating! But I feel that if he doesn’t try we’ll never know. Of course, the danger is the “magical thinking”. As in “if I could only do x (get a job/university place/girlfriend…), everything would be alright.” So…wish us luck!


I hear that all of the time too, and he probably could but his hygiene wouldn’t be tolerated at any job, but he thinks he looks very different than he really does. I will wish you both lots of luck and I am so glad to hear that you are making it through okay :slight_smile:


Los Angeles here. Son is 22, diagnosed 2 years ago. He had very severe case and nothing seemed to work! Our family starting to have hopes because he is improving and is fully cooperative. He is receiving tremendous help from a university hospital after care research program, the best thing that happen to him and our family. It has given us a sense of direction!
There is hope don’t give up!


We’re in LA…

what hospital? UCI?



@Marctrickeva What were his symptoms? Mine seems to be getting worse. He was hallucinating most of last night. Did you son have insight?


UCLA . It’s called schizophrenia After care research. I have to mention that it is mainly for first episode psychosis but they might consider within 2 years but depends


Suicidal and jumbled/ disorganized thoughts, delusions, paranoia, hallucinations, depression, anxiety, nightmares, lots of pacing or extra pyramidal symptoms, no insights and isolation.


@Marctrickeva Sounds similar except for the suicidal part. Did he end up in the hospital or how did you get him to agree to the University study? I know my son needs help but I have no idea how to get him to the hospital unless I force him (with the police).


He responded to his meds and esp to anxiety meds except they had horrible nightmares side effects but …it gave him some insights!
Also I paid close attention how to bribe him-ex he likes to go to McDonalds or he likes computer parts- I make him promise to cooperate with treatments then he gets what he wants😊


@Marctrickeva - How did you get him to take the meds - was he first hospitalized?


It took about 10 months before he gained insights. Committing him to a 4-month residential facility to give him structure I believe helped!
Check out Pathways in Anaheim :blush:


Which one?
Or neither?



The 72 hour hold is the maximum without going before a judge to get a longer hold. In my experience only a few hospitals actually pursue this option of petitioning for a longer stay - in my location it was the public hospital. The staff was very familiar with the process. The same public defender represented most of the patients. I think that was mostly his full-time job.