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What to do, once again police I called

Uugg so we are camping and home neighbor said there was breaking , yelling at our house last night at 4am. I just called police. they made a visit. Broken plates etc. He suggested we start eviction. This particular officer knew our son from previous visits, all state police are trained in mental health. Its effecting my health now, as i have an autoimmune disease, which is affected by stress. This flare scared me, as i read with frequent flares life span can be decreased to 5 years. Son is literally killing me. My son refuses medication. The officer was harsh, but he is right. Theres no housing unless he cooperates, then a year waiting. My immediate family say its him or me. He’s ruined one home to point of demolition. Now he is doing it to ours. But my health is main concern.

This is a good example of where E. Fuller Torrey is right about forced medication. If your son can’t live anywhere, then he’s homeless and that’s a terrible outcome.

I suppose it’s the involuntary (always short-term) commitment for a psych evaluation route. The police should have been able to take him to an ER based on him being a danger to himself (broken plates) or others - you. Since that didn’t happen I think you will have to get a court order for it to happen.

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I love how law enforcement always goes to eviction. Although they may be trained in mental health, they are still treating your son like a criminal who is “choosing” to be dangerous rather than a victim who cannot control his moods and actions. Sz isn’t substance abuse. You can’t use “tough love” or “scared straight.” I have fibromyalgia and the stress from my daughter’s aggression left me quite sick and helpless. However the terror of her living on the streets gave me even more stress. We are really put between a rock and a hard place. I agree that court ordered hospitalization and hopefully court ordered medication injections might be the next step. It worked for my daughter, but it took a long time. I know that I have not given you much comfort but please know that I have experienced the same type of anguish and serious health issues regarding my daughter. It is hell. It isn’t fair. I often shake my fist heavenwards and yell. But remember the mother of a child with terminal cancer feels the same but a police officer would never suggest eviction of her child. We need help that doesn’t exist. We need help in raising awareness that our children deserve better.


I agee. Once we thought about it, it wasn’t right what he said. Its just so frustrating because my son won’t cooperate with the service’s that could help him. If he wasn’t so destructive, we could deal with it.,

Possibly the option of last resort is to press charges on him for destruction of property and assault to you. It is not easy. But you cannot continue doing the same and expect different results. Maybe in connecting him with the justice system he can get into a mental health court, or order get Assisted Community Treatment, or some kind of treatment. I know is not easy.

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