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What's the weirdest thing you've been accused of?

My unmedicated family member just vehemently accused me (with great sincerity and in disturbing detail) of physiologically impossible sex acts with multiple mythical creatures which somehow threatens the whole world. This is, by far, the weirdest thing I’ve ever been accused of in my whole life.

What’s the weirdest thing your MI family member accused you of?

Greeble, My son had some delusions about me not allowing him to advance in elementary school so not as difficult to deal with as yours. Oh my, what do you say to that?

My son initially believed psychiatrists were trying to take over the world with medication so that one actually affected his compliance with treatment and then his entire life.

Mine accused me for allowing the doctor to inject him with Meth/poison which has shrunk his muscles and now looking to sue them and receive a big fat check for compensation ! and everything is my fault .

My son called the spca on me. He told them I murdered my dog by stabbing her in the neck with a steak knife in the garage. The spca showed up and my husband had to show them all our pets. My husband got upset and told them he knew it was our son who called. They understood when he explained that our son is mentally ill.

My son has accused us of selling his soul,
Accused me and hubby of selling/ taking drugs.

A recent friend of mine accused me of finding and taking her social security card, her motorcycle title and deleting text messages off of a phone I did not know she had and was secured. Later I was accused of reporting her to the police.

She accused a previous friend of drugging and raping her repeatedly which I know did not happen.

She accused multiple former neighbors of being part of a government planned gang stalking. She accused a few of them for telling her that they were going to kill her. Supposedly one with a knife and another one by burning her. The rest of her neighbors were just out to harass her to the point of insanity till she would kill herself.

She accused her father of being with the CIA and he betrayed her to the CIA and has severed all ties with her father.

All this because…and the story varies. One it is because she along with others have been sent by god to warn us of the coming apocalypse…the other story is that she was a Navy Seal sniper and has secret information…there are other explanations but I forget them…eventually you stop listening.

Hi cmrebuck,

My husband also has CIA, Navy Seal and end times delusions. He has a lot of governmental delusions and wants to help them with cyber warfare even though he doesn’t know how to do that.

Do the best you can to be supportive to your friend while also not taking any crap from them. Schizophrenia is an illness of the brain, after all, and your friend is likely to keep coming up with situations we may consider odd. Try to help her feel safe and listened to. If she is OK with going to see a doctor or therapist, even better.

@LifeIsHard…I am sorry to hear that you also endure some of the same things that I have seen and heard. In the beginning I tried to be supportive to gain trust in order to explain that these things are not real. But there is no convincing her of this as I have found that these things are indeed real to her. And pretending to be understanding does nothing but confirm to her that what she is experiencing is real. To challenge what she says makes her angry that no one believes her and things she is ill. So it is a no win. The other observation of being supportive is that she becomes more confident to open up more and tell more…and the more that is said the stranger it gets. I cannot understand how someone can survive with all that she has bottled up inside of them.

After the latest round I have cut off all contact with her as it got to the point of being a bit scary. She was getting into the ‘target individual’ thing which I found out is why she was forcibly committed two previous times. If you have not looked up ‘targeted individual’ on the internet, do so. You will find there is a whole community of people publishing utter nonsense about this as if it were the gospel truth. And to top it off they insist that doctors and medicine are tools of the government that are used to control you. So that puts an end to any hope of her getting help.

I suspect that one day she will come around again…hopefully not to claim squatters right to my house…but I am sure the saga is not over.

So that we do not get off topic…here is a weird thing that not I but aliens, the outer space kind, have been accused of. She claims that aliens have harvested her eggs…she went as far as showing me the scar from the incision…there was no scar there. They did this because she is gods chosen one.

Another claim…she supposedly broke her jaw once and accused the doctor of planting a tracking chip in it when he fixed it.

I love your comments.

my mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia and she thought i was hiding in her suitcase (for whatever reason) but this suitcase was like smaller than a travel size and i told her i couldn’t even fit in there if i tried, keep in mind i’m a six foot tall woman! so she told me to get in the suitcase to prove i wasn’t getting in there. long story short my mom forced me to get in a suitcase that was too small… sometimes you have to laugh

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My daughter believes we deliberately kept her ‘dirty,’ pretty much from birth. In her version, she changed her own diapers and depended on neighbors to give her clean clothes. She has apparently risen above her disgusting, filthy family to become a proud lover of soap.

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