When our kids speak of the end

When our kids speak of suicide it brings a chill to my heart. As I read about those of you who have kids who have spoken of suicide it brings back memories I would rather not remember. I think of my daughter who has done well for the past few years. She takes clozapine as well as other meds.

Anytime our kids speak of suicide it is not to be taken lightly of. I know what I have been through with my family & the harm & hurt it has brought to my grown kids. My eldest son turned to a Master’s degree counselor as the result of 2 of his siblings struggling with this illness. My eldest son is a photographer, videographer, Dad & husband. He also hold a degree as a RN.

I hope I can at least be of some encouragement to those of you here. As long as our kids are with us we will have our heartbreak & struggles. If we band together to support each other I believe this may be a help to all of us.

I could go into my own personal struggles however this won’t be beneficial to any of you here. Many are so young & some of you are going through this same heartbreak & painful emotions I am. Hopefully we can band together & encourage each other. There are a few here who have some here regularly, I don’t, however I do respond when I receive an email reply from this site. Take heart, lean on each other & let’s be here for each other as we are all in this struggle together. Keep the faith, pray for this best & hope for the best.



Comforting words :cherry_blossom: you have said.
We don’t have to tell each other anything new about what it’s like having a loved one suffering schizophrenia, we suffer too as we wish we could make things better.
Thank you for your post :gift_heart: