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Where and how do I draw the line


My wife’s illness has utterly destroyed our family and we’re homeless,I have a counselor that says how much abuse am I gonna take because she’s a mad noncompliant woman. My conscience won’t let me seperate from her. How do I do anything for myself?
Any suggestions please.


Sounds like an extremely difficult situation. I’m sorry this is happening. I understand your commitment to your wife but if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to help her. If you have family or friends who can help in any way…take it. Perhaps your wife could get access to treatment through you local mental health programs or maybe she will be hospitalized if she is a danger to herself or others. I hope you find some help soon.


I don’t know where you are. There are places you and your wife can go. Most states have Homeless Shelters (Missions) that will take you in. (its winter) so it might be harder. You need to connect with Case Management. They will offer a host of information for you and your wife.

Like Tag said. (You need to take care of yourself) . heal your life (and your wife might follow) your lead.

I hope you find the help you seek!!!


Very difficult. The line is different for everyone. Mine was when I choose to save myself. Because they are the only ones that can save themselves


I say when it starts to affect your health it’s time, it’s the line. No one really knows what all you’ve been through. Take care of yourself.


Only you will know where your line is. Everyone has different lines. When you get to your line you will know immediately and it will be a big relief. You will actually grow more whrn you get there