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Where does a sz get his delusions

Are or is there a pattern of delusions. Is it something that the person read, saw on TV, or trauma in their lives, or just random. My stepson had a delusion about time and said he went back in time 1000 years ago. He once said while in jail that they were poisoning him and making all his skin fall off.

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I’m pretty sure the delusions are a result of sz / sza having a hard time discerning the difference between imagination and reality. I suspect that a sz person begins to believe a delusion first, then finds things on the internet / tv / unrelated conversation to justify their beliefs.
Must be really difficult to truly believe things that flat out aren’t true, but that is one of the symptoms.

Here is a book I want to read:


Life. Actual experience. Something they have read/seen/heard. Normal perception and processing of the thought does not happen and the delusion is born and takes on a life of its own.

In my son’s case --he is paranoid sz, they are primarily based in fear of impending loss. The greater the fear of the loss the greater the delusion. But the trigger…well those I never know until after the fact. Sometimes they are random and really not what I would think connected at all.