Where to start?

Well my son was turned down for HUD help he has a misdemeanor assault when he first got sick… where do I turn for housing for a disabled person …any ideas>>>

Wow, that is so unfair. Is HUD the same as Section 8?

Maybe you can petition a judge somewhere to have that misdemeanor charge expunged from his record. If he hasn’t gotten in trouble with the law in ten years they just might do it if they know his circumstances now.

No-but my son was not able to get a section 8 because of misdemeanors on his record.
Kathy-my son was able to get his own place because of his case manager. She found the place, took him to see it. Some landlords are connected with social services and will rent out their places-sometimes with low rent. His apt. is not the greatest place in the world-but it`s furnished, all utilities included.
Is your son connected with social services?

yes it is…they have a one strike rule…

I am going Friday to see how they can help…I don’t know if you can wait a number of years before HUD will let you in

**I think it is 8 years here. Housing always seems to be a problem. For some housing, there is a waiting list ( of course! ) but a social worker may be able to find something else…

where are you? I am in north Carolina USA