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Housing/Mobile Home Qualifications


I’m trying to look into getting a mobile home for my son. he is on Soc Sec. Does anyone know of any programs that help get them through the process of qualifying for a home if they are disabled? I live in Ohio. Thanks :v:


Salvation army is all around the u.s… Ive stayed there at times during my homelessnes. They might be able to help with housing.


Thanks, Im fine with him living with us now. But want to try and get him to become more independent and eventually get his housing squared away so he has a place of his own like a small house or a mobile home. I dont want to have to deal with a landlord…


City Department of Housing keeps listing.
HUD, FHA, Homepath, Habitat for Humanity, Economic Development District for country handles rehab grants/emergency repairs/weatherization, USDA Rural housing is best & does cover suburbs of cities sometimes

Sharing walls with some millennials in apartments recently is getting some of the older people ruined with cooking fires, blasting stereo, weirdos, drug dealing. Landlord is really renting out uninhabitable place because the neighbor is psycho…I totally agree now that I prefer to own. I will never rent shared walls again.

I have 20 years on own self supporting most of the time until work scams in my city made it too bothersome to deal with the low wages for life/death skilled work. Rented before symptoms, owned a long time until the cops went dirty and used psych intervention officer to ruin anyone on SSDI who had problems with strangers/abuser still by getting a couple psych holds for complaining about trespassers/busted belongings or stolen stuff taken from locked house. Victims had to pay own bill for forced psych hold a couple times, lost job, went broke and lost house, problem solved with issues in this suburb with dirty history of sex abuser here anyway. Cops try to find out who is on SSDI sometimes when reporting complaints with neighbors or trespass, need to say he works at Walmart to be okay. Decided to let house go when 6-8 families were targeted with theft from locked up houses and scared away from here by police. Others were told they could not sell house because of old permits no one obtained on renovations…Auction handled this scam well as ‘as is sale/no warranties/no guarantees’ but sold house at small loss. People who stayed went broke with vandalisms, busted belongings enmass, cops…

Lately I’ve moved around and seen really predatorial stuff toward women alone in some places. Small towns are shockingly bad really, cops can easily be so bad the will help mess up someone. Would NOT consider move unless you know a local in Colorado or California as some areas are ruining males and trying to use women as prostitute. Wealthy never see this as the money wants to keep the building contractor guys working, lower to middle income is being hit hardest in the existing houses and apartments.

I would keep your boy pretty local as you know the situation with the thugs, churches, employment, trouble makers and craziest ones…Moves will get him tortured for a while as he meets who hears it in new location and whatever is trying to use these people who follow voices for whatever. Some of the small towns are loco and almost impossible to work there unless you moved to stay with known local. City was easier, almost normal and good jobs, if you chose safe suburban type area and act normal…With any work experience, you are into good work within 2-3 months; service work could take under a month to find.

I’ve looked at some foreclosure properties only to be told something bad happened to previous resident and town problems were too bad, really now just looking at tax foreclosure sales. Lots of stuff is dirty cheap, wooded lots on edge of town, lots left empty after fire, dumpies, sometimes ever nicer houses in liveable shape no one paid taxes on. Need to make sure state lets you buy the property, not just the lien so you get the ‘deed’, not a ‘tax lien’…If place is empty, is best so you don’t have to handle them like an eviction. Craigslist has REALLY nice deals on mobiles and sometimes abandoned ’ fixer projects’, but need to make sure you use title closing company so the sale is legit. Some older mobile homes cannot be moved but there are some really good fixup RVs or smaller mobiles you can actually move with a Uhaul. Prices of housing are really good right now in some places…I’ve been pleased

HAS BEEN SO HARD LIVING ALONE WITH THE DUMB CRAP/EXPENSIVE WHORING being done to the females, in my hometown they will get a single female fired to get her. I’m going to move around doing the RV thing for a while and just cannot work until I find temporary/contract work elsewhere due to the stupid crap pulled on middle-aged women. I’m going to consider the trip a vacation & hit some of the national parks/visit friends in few places going slow and stop here/there to see if I find friendlies in area with okay work. Had mental symptoms flare up after working for someone doing fraud so not doing 100% okay anyway to concentrate, sleep right plus lots more problems with strangers…Lost my house I was going to buy, another job and tortured for several months for wrong job…Really not sure how long this can go on, just good to know someone can go crazy more than once.


Thank you for your reply, that certainly sounds like you have been through the wringer ! My son briefly stayed at an assisted living facility that was really safe, unfortunatly it was all senior citizens that had nothing to do but watch my son and wonder why is was up at night, etc going to the store at midnight (he gets his days and nights mixed up) and it just wasnt the right place. He is on the Section 8 waiting list but that could be a year if lucky and i foresee problems with landlords in the future even if he did get an apartment. He is very disorganized. Our town is small but on the edge of Columbus so trying to find a house on the busline since he cant drive. Just trying to get him situated for his adult life in his own place and thought there might be some kind of special financing or home owner program for those with loing term disabilities.


Why don’t you try calling the Ohio NAMI and see if they can direct you to a group that can help you. They usually have good knowledge of local resources:

By Mail
1225 Dublin Rd., Suite 125
Columbus, OH 43215

By Telephone
Phone: 614-224-2700
Toll Free: 800-686-2646