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Wife wants my son out of house if no meds

Where will he go when he’s released from the facility? We are in a similar situation, because of our son’s delusions and behaviors we don’t feel it’s safe for him to live with us and his younger brother is now terrified of him. He’s staying at his grandmother’s house alone for now while she’s not there but he’s totally disrespecting her house. Not cleaning, running the heat way up and smoking at the door with it open and letting smoke get in. We don’t know what to do with him.

L.A county’s social services works with prison mental health patients. They are seeking housing for him. He is on SSDI which helps . Perhaps they will deduct a percentage of it for housing.

We don’t know but for dang sure not back home. Like the story above, my son has threatened to kill me multiple times. He nearly succeeded last March in a fit of rage. Our home bears countless battle scars from age 7 to age 19. I’ve had the Dallas Police superintendent tell me ‘Mr Sanderson, your son will eventually kill you.’ (Sobering).

It’s haunting to see such hatred in your loved one’s eyes. But I try to remember that it’s the depth of the mental illness and not my son.

Still, safety first. So once he’s out of the RTC then he’ll be in a dorm type living arrangement. Still working on that plan but he either stays on meds and treatment plan (coping skills), or he can be homeless without any further help.

He acknowledges the rules. Seems to want to be compliant. We’ve learned long ago to take it one day at a time. And today’s a good day.


We’ve also come to the point that if our son does not agree to injectionable medication then he has to go because I don’t believe he is actually swallowing his meds even though I make him open his mouth after taking them. It’s not fair that we have to make these choices for our loved ones that have this illness that is no fault of their own. They are truly sick and unable to care for themselves and be a part of society, there needs to be a better solution to this!

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Amen Catnip - we’re often put into several, simultaneous, competing, and impossible choices…

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Did you read the book I am not sick, I don’t need help. If not, read it, it will help.


Time for court ordered treatment through your county court. They should have a contact person that handles these requests.

Of course not! What’s wrong with you? He’s your son. And I’m baffled with most of the other posts, either.
You should find him a doctor who can help him.
Life is tough and if you’re not up to it get him the best facility you can possibly afford.

Please, do accept my apologies for lashing out on you like that earlier.
It’s an impossible situation and after a lifetime of taking care of my sz mother it’s not like she’s any different but I guess it turned me even more bitter than I realized.
You do whatever is best for you and your wife and your family.
Nothing good has come from me sacrificing my life.
Nobody should take that kind of abuse. Come to think of it I’ve had a dog since I was eleven years old to protect me from her violent outbursts. That’s no way of living.
Best wishes.

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I as the sister of someone with schizophrenia, I have the DUTY TO PROTECT others from my brother AND I have the DUTY TO PROTECT my brother from himself and others. This is not only a personal responsibility but a societal responsibility that someone who loves him/her must take seriously.


DUTY TO PROTECT = TREATMENT (even if court ordered)