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Will medicaid pay for a nursing home?


I am likely to get approved for social security but not enough to live on my own. If I get medicaid, will it pay for a nursing home so I’ll have at least a place to stay because my social security won’t be enough to live off of



Sounds possible. Nursing home doesn’t sound like fun though.

Good luck man.


This is the NAMI page for housing help and group home options… and has some resources for housing and Medicaid answers.

I hope you get some housing soon.

Good luck.


There are several kinds of grants that group homes can apply for that can pick up the difference between what you can pay using SSI and what their costs are. Usually if you are on SSI, they will apply for the grants, and you will get a small portion of your SSI, and they will take the rest. Some assisted living places, or nursing homes, can be paid for by medicaid, but you have to be evaluated as needing that level of care. If you have a case manager, he or she would be the place to start in finding the best place for you to live.


My sister has been living at a nursing home/convalescent hospital for the last 8 years. She is 55 years old. Her medicaid and SSI pays for her stay and she is left with approximately $40 monthly for her personal care. My sister was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and manic depression at age 17. People with this level of illness tend to do better in an environment such as this. I visit her frequently and make sure everything is under control. One thing you might consider is that most nursing homes do not opt for patients who are physically functioning, meaning someone who is able to dress and groom himself. You see, there is no money in taking caring of patients like my sister. My sister was asked to leave on many occasions and each time, I said, no. You or your family might want to write a letter to the hospital, indicating the valid reasons for not wanting to leave.