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Would anyone be willing to answer some questions?

My mom has schizophrenia, and this year I have dedicated my “Senior Project”, which is my final for English class, to researching schizophrenia because I want to spread awareness and learn more about it myself. I am in need of a person who would be willing to answer simple questions ex.(when were you or your family member diagnosed?) as my primary research part of this project, but I am also interested in hearing stories or any information that you think would be beneficial to add! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

There are much easier subjects for an English project (or even psychology).
Besides, a lot of this stuff is pretty personal.

My advice from experience, do an article on why people don’t buy as many electric cars as gasoline in the US.
It’s broadly relatable and the research is much more straight forward.

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I can answer some questions for you. You can email me your questions directly on this site. I think it’s a good idea and great that you can learn more about what your Mom is going through.


Sure. I’ll bite.

I was originally diagnosed in my teens. About 1989 or 1990. From there I had a few therapy appointments and 1 stint of 11 days in tge state hospital.

Afterward no treatment until 2002 when I had antidepressants for post partum depression. I got progressively worse until a psychotic break in 2017 when I was rediagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar type. I was 41, almost 42.

I am now on Invega Sustenna injection every 3 weeks. Risperdone as a prn for breakthrough symptoms. Also a mood stabilizer.


It is a 15 page project, therefore it should be something I am interested in. Although I understand that it is personal, I am willing to share my story and those who chose share theirs will stay anonymous.


My mom was not diagnosed til she was around 40 although she thinks she had it long before then, so that is interesting that you had a similar experience. Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it. Your information will stay anonymous in my write up. Much love and respect. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you need some identifiers - 43 yr old married mother of 6. 18 years married.

And you are welcome!

Interesting me and your mom share experiences.

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That was likely when things may have been starting - they call that the prodrome stage.

You will have plenty of material for your paper.

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