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Zyprexia does’t seem to be working

So what’s next? Since September, my husband has been in jail and a state mental hospital and is now home with me going on a month. Now, within the last week he is going backwards again to the point I regret letting him back into my home. He has been on Risperdone, latuda and a few others and I really thought zyprexa was going to work since he seemed to be doing much better this time when he got out. Now eveytime he goes in the hospital, it seems like I get a glimpse of the man I married 15 years ago for one month and one month only. I can’t help but wonder if he can’t survive outside of an institution because he seems to do good whenever he is in the hospital. This place I live in now with my son is my last stop, like I can’t afford anything else on my own and if he screws up and does something crazy, he’ll be in the hospital and I’ll end up homeless with my son. I should have thought about this before letting him come live with me, but he showed so much insight that I actually thought this new medicine he was on was going to be “the one” that works! He refuses to do invega and I honestly don’t know what options are left.

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Is there any chance he isn’t taking the medication as prescribed?

That’s why so many people are on injections.

I hope everything works out for you and your son as far as housing.

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