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15 days for Nothing

1 week home after 15 days in the hospital and refused meds all 15 days. Treated it like he was in a hotel. Wont leave the house again. Name calling is back.

On Christmas eve the stores were closing early and he wouldn’t go to the store and didnt have much food. I ran to 2 stores after we made a list together. I came back with the groceries and he wigged out. Told me I tricked him into buying the groceries and then demanded me to being them back minus a couple of things that he kept. All before the stores were getting ready to close.

He is being so very nasty right now. He wont stop for a minute. Saying I’m dirtying everything and the accusations are endless

A note to add…not one of his family members bother to show up at the hospital or a phone call on Christmas!!!

Sorry to hear that is happening to Laz. what medication was he given at the hospital?
does he talk about what he wants to do after New year.
you do not have to respond to everything he says. try ignoring him.
are you working during day time? this way you are having a break from him
my feeling that he will be back to hospital as things may get worse.

it is disappointing that no one from his family showed up!

praying for you during this time.

He refused meds. He gave his 30 notice to leave his/our apartment which is. January 4th.
So much for new years! I am on SSI. Supposed to be on SSDI waiting for final appeal.
Pdoc at the hospital said if he comes back they will get a court order to get him to take meds.

I think that It is going to be very soon. Very few moments of clarity. Almost impossible to have a semi conversation.!!!

That sounds like the right thing. The correct meds can change everything and many with the illness will not voluntarily take them at first.


Yes, without the court order it sounds like a losing battle.


Your absolutely right. It’s terrible that it has to come to that and he has to lose everything and start over.


Its a long hard battle sometimes. Took several years for my son to reach a semblance of stability. He is still disabled, still has symptoms, still lacking insight, but is living a better life.

I feel both fortunate that he is currently as he is, and always have an undercurrent of anxiety that he will return to serious illness.


it is the best if he is in long term treatment program and eventually he will realize that he is Mentally Ill and deal with it and accept medicine.
God give your strength during this time.


Thank you for your kind words. I am very upset and frustrated today because when he was in the hospital his brother was talking to the pdoc and the pdoc wanted the family to get together and try to get him the help and encourage him. Well today his brother told me that the family got together during Christmas and discussed it and they decided that eventually he would get himself into a bad situation then the state can take care of him. As of right now …I am no longer going to tell or let them know anytime anymore. It’s useless. No one in his family even bothered to call yet alone visit him on Christmas. It makes me so angry. When he was not in this current state of mind he always helped his family. Now this. Oh and 2 of his brothers are ministers?
I can’t wrap my brain around this. I feel so alone now…not that they were much help but at least I was hopeful. Not anymore.
He is getting worse. I can’t keep up. It is constantly changing and I so very much miss talking and having a relationship with my best friend!

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I am sorry this is happening to you.
I can understand his family however. Sometimes there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop the train wreck. Especially when there is a crisis and hospitalization failed to help. It is hard to pull back and let them crash, but when you have tried your best and they are impossible to be around, resent you, and you become the center of their delusions, it is best to leave.

That does not however, excuse them from assisting you. Is there anywhere you can go?

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I live between his apartment and with my dad who blasts the tv extremely loud all day and till late ar night. He said there is nothing wrong with his hearing. I go to my friends but I know they are probably sick of my situation. They are trying to support me but it is a very lonely road.


I hope my son can reach stability. Anxiety never goes away !