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8 Tips To Help You Combat Your Negative Thinking


Negative thoughts are poison.

In life, negative thoughts can hold us back and diminish our happiness. In recovery, they can lead to relapse. Anyone who’s relapsed will tell you that a boatload of negative thoughts preceded their relapses.

Very rarely is relapse an impulse action. It is commonly said that “stinkin thinkin” is a leading cause. Ultimately, relapse happens when someone picks up the drink or drug and puts it into their body, but the downward spiral usually starts days, weeks or even months before the relapse itself.

There are many ways of treating negative thinking and the one that interested me more was Chiropractic treatment which I happened to read in this blog The release of substance P is said to be the reason for negative thoughts and chiropractic treatment can change it. Also there are some other tips mentioned in it that can help reduce negative thoughts.

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