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A happy moment tonight

My son came in there to my room and put £10 down and said as he doesn’t use online banking could ai use mine and he would reimburse me as he wanted to donate £10 to a man who is in our news , the man was stabbed 7 times trying to protect people in Saturdays terrorist incident in London,
The man (hero) hasn’t got much in life and he did this without thinking of his own safety. That’s truly a hero.

For me I was proud that my son recognises and wanted to help,this man, shows me a glimpse of the boy he is and can be, unlike last night when he was saying I had trapped him with all these mental health officials.
Anyway I don’t often post positive things so just a nice thought for me this evening.


@Jane57, I know exactly what you mean.

My son fed the animals the other day…and since then has done that 3-4 more times. He would never notice things like that before. He also has filled up their water. This is the first time he has done this in two years. My heart was so full.

Oh, the small things! :heartbeat:


That’s great Jmarie, yes the small things indeed :green_heart: Another was it still amazes me the day he picked up my cup from the floor, I had finished coffee and was at the computer was going to take it to the kitchen but he beat me to it , as you say for years he wasn’t even thinking about any simple stuff like this.

He will also put the dogs grooming table up and take it down for me when am finished, he does what he is asked (usually) and doesn’t complain,