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Happy news for a change!

Hi all! A few months ago I wrote on here sharing a really low point in my life with my mums illness. I got some wonderful advice and kind words. Tonight I wanted to share something that happened earlier today. I was speaking to my mum on the phone. It was a very typical conversation to start with, she’s normally very distant, mumbling a lot when she’s not too good, accusing me of all sorts and then she said ‘I love you so much sweetheart’ !:heart:️ For a few minutes I got my mum back. It’s been so very long since there’s been any affection and any love shown (although I always know it is there deep inside) it’s just made me remember exactly why I go through this hell day after day, year after year. I’m sorry, I know I’m rambling and gushing but I just wanted to share good news as it’s rare we get good news and remind people to grab onto these moments to help us through the darkest days.
Lots of love to you all, I hope today’s been a good day for you and, if not, I’m thinking of you, you’re not alone in this nightmare.


Jcar - That is wonderful news. We have to take these moments when we can get them, no matter how big or small. Happy for you. That is always a good thing to hear “I love you’s.” I hope this is a sign of only more good things to come.

Thank you for sharing good news:)

Thanks for sharing, and yes we appreciate the tiny things don’t we. Know where you are coming from. Keep hold of this feeling of positivity :green_heart:

Thanks for posting this - brought a big smile to my face. We all cherish those glimpses of our loved ones.

Those small glimpses of “them” are what keeps us all going. So happy for you…enjoy every second of those glimpses! Such great news for you!

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I’m really happy for you, nothing like getting a meaningful connection after going a long while without one.

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I’m so glad you have been able to enjoy a little sunshine. You deserve it and much, much more. Thanks for the update. Please keep us informed on how you both are!