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A message of Hope

I have posted on here before seeking advice when things were going very badly and everyone was very supportive and helpful not only in sharing their stories but listening to mine.

Things are much better now, so much better that this episodes and outbursts seemed like a nightmare that has nearly been forgotten.

My brother was diagnosed about 1 year ago after a suicide attempt. He was hospitalized addicted to marijuana and very paranoid and scared. It had gotten to a point where we admitted him to a rehab facility but he was too angry and didn’t consent to stay there. We were at the end of our ropes but even though he only stayed 5 days in rehab it served as a wake up call for him.

He stopped smoking marijuana and I would attribute this as the single most important factor in his recovery.

It has been 4 months since any sign of his illness, he is back to his regular self and has a job lined up for the whole summer. He is going to the gym 3-4 times a week, he is polite and has no trouble socializing.

I know this is not a cure and there is always a risk things take a turn for the worse, I just wanted to give a message of hope to all the family members, it took him reaching his darkest moment to turn around and things can get better.


That is such good news! Thanks for sharing! One can never have too much hope!


Thank you for sharing this good news with us:)

Makes me happy.

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Such good news. I am very happy for you, your brother and the whole family

It does give me hope as my son, 24 yrs old, is only a few weeks into his psychotic break. So far he is very up and down with this recovery. There are good days and there are bad days. I am learning to step aside just a bit and not be so involved with every moment of his life. He doesn’t want me to be anyway. I offer shelter, food, encouragement, love.

It is just too soon to tell what will happen and how his future will be.

But he is off the pot and that is really good news. The xyprexa seems to be a good drug for him. He says it helps him sleep.


That was the response my brother had at the beginning with olanzapine. It helped calm him down and sleep. It was a rocky road but your son can get back on his feet and lead a normal life. He just needs some time to recover and support.