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A Visitor / User Survey - Please Respond Today

Dear visitors,

We have a special new survey (very short - 1 to two minutes) that we’d really appreciate your filling out. Please click on the link below and help us improve the site:

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I get to question 10 and it won’t go any further. It redirects me to the previous pages, so I don’t believe my answers have been submitted?

Thanks - let me see if I can quickly fix it!

Looks like a fix, onto q 11. Thanks!

It went through all the way this time. Could be why others weren’t completing survey, anyway it’s fixed now.

Thanks - appreciate the feedback.

not about the survey as it is, but an extra point. I said would use an app if there were one, but I have to say that if my son saw an app on my phone with “schizophrenia” in the title, there would be ructions. Happily, my son is very much recovered lately, while simultaneously denying that there is anything seriously or permanently wrong with him. So the name of the app would need to be discreet for me.

Done a few days ago.

Yes - We understand that. How about a name like “Recovery Partner”. Or - give me names you think that would be acceptable. All suggestions are appreciated!

Yes, something positive like that, or Integration or Cognitive Skills on the grounds that “Integration Disorder” is a less stigmatized term than schizophrenia, and “Integration” also implies positive social effects - integration with society. Or Cognition because of the thought disorder element and bcs everybody wants to improve their cognitive skills - so no stigma there either.