Input for a digital APP for a friend

My friends needs advice. There is a paid research study of a Digital APP that she wants to participate in and then again she doesn’t. It is an APP being developed to assist her with daily living and mood swings. It gives her coping skills, music, therapy, etc. I think this is a great tool but she is unsure. She is looking for advice before she commits tomorrow.

Can you provide a link for the app?

Each person’s journey is personal and different, she must make up her own mind to join, but if it gives honest support, it sounds like a good thing!

So she decided to participate in the research study. No medication changes, just the digital app on her phone that is being developed to assist our schizophrenia population. We went together to sign up and have this APP downloaded and assigned to her. Oh my goodness what a huge difference this APP made! It would give her daily tasks and she would do them. The daily tasks were super simple and she was able to focus on them and it was amazing. Tasks consisted of meditation, short little stories, affirmations were given through out the day, they lasted about 30 minutes but she loved doing them. The beginning of the 2nd week of the study she was up and doing the tasks before her alarm/notification went off. She started applying the tasks to her daily living. It was incredible. She is in her finally week and is not looking forward to this app being removed from her phone. But she knows her voice will be heard and will download this APP when it becomes available. She did also learn that there is a longer study for this APP and she is going to see if she can participate in that one. I must say that I am very proud of her for participating in this study and sticking to it. This APP was truly incredible!


What’s the name of the app? Can I find it online?