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A toxic person with schizophrenia

My friend who constantly calls me from the hospital even though I haven’t physically seen him in a year says I’m the only person he talks to… why is this? He treated me so horribly bad. I told him to f*ck off. I feel so bad for him,

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I suspect he is hanging on to some aspect of his previous life and you are special to him. It would not surprise me that you might be the only person he talks to. He doesn’t surprise me that his illness caused him to lash out at you. We live with that when our loved ones are not being treated.

Most people have likely given up on him and the other half stay as far as they can away. No one would blame you for hanging up but if you could do it in as gentle and kind way as possible it might make a difference. Or encourage him to get treatment would be good for him and everyone he meets. God bless


@jlove02 I understand how bad it hurts to be treated so poorly by someone you care for that has mental Illness. In my experience it is a separate trauma unto itself. In a “perfect world” it would never be taken personally, but we are humans and our feelings get hurt, often time and time again. It takes a very thick skin to stick with a loved one with mental illness and keep the hope alive that the person you once knew will return to you again. I have learned though that often the ones that the ill person hurts the most is the ones that they care for the deepest. It makes no sense and doesn’t make the behaviors anymore acceptable or understandable. You aren’t obligated to be involved in your friend’s recovery or lack there of. I agree wholeheartedly with @Mom2 that if you plan to stay removed from your friend, a “gentle let down” as well as strong encouragement to seek and adhere to treatment might make a difference. Best wishes.

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