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My Ex with schizophrenia

Okay my ex who’s in the hospital, who I haven’t talked to in 7 months keeps calling me from the hospital. He’s been in jail and homeless shelters since we broke up. We broke up because he treated me badly, not physically but emotionally. I really don’t forgive him for that. I know he has no one to turn to, and I feel bad. He keeps calling me and I don’t know what he wants, I think he just wants to use me again for shelter, money, etc… The question is should I keep in contact with him to support him? or should keep my distance for my own sake? I’m honestly happier without him.


@jlove02 My thoughts are if you are absolutely sure you don’t have any further emotional attachments to or for him but you just want to be kind with your closure. -tell him you are not able to provide what he needs but you sincerely hope that he finds it [If you happen to know of a resource phone number that could get him started on a better path you could pass that number on to him before you say goodbye.] then say goodbye and block his number for good…you can only do what holds true for yourself and your life. Good luck.


Thank you, I appreciate it.

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