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Address or let go


Brain vitaminz is the where i got the sarcosine
It was worth every penny
It helped so much!

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My son took Sarcosine for awhile last fall, and I felt like I could see a real difference in him (better mood and motivation). It made no difference in the voices, but then it was never expected to.

He then got an Rx for Risperdal and tried it for 3 weeks. He said he gained 20 lbs, although I saw no evidence of it (he’s pretty lean, so 20 lbs could “hide” on his body), and got no relief. The psychiatrist he saw said he could stop taking it, and they would try CBT instead.

Unfortunately, I felt like he then “threw the baby out with the bath water”, and stopped taking ALL supplements, along with the Risperdal. Could be coincidence, but he lost his motivation again, and went back to doing nothing but sitting around and playing video games again. Sigh…

He’s away from me until May, but if/when he comes home, I’m going to try to get him to take Sarcosine again. And I know you mentioned NAC - his psychiatrist recommended that, too, along with Omega 3 fatty acids. I sent him off with a full complement of supplements, but I’ll bet he’s ignoring them!


Just by curiosity have you tried giving him CBD in edible form for positive symptoms?
And yeah sarcosine works great for negative symptoms… along with the synergy chain of aminos…
What does he think about all of this?
Does he enjoy any other hobbies besides gaming?
Gamin can be a great tool for some…
It’s quite amazing how we have gaming therapy actually…


I did buy some CBD oil, but I don’t think he ever took any (if was after he decided he didn’t need anything). Gaming does help him, and he does get some social contact through it - but it’s not a life, obviously.

Unfortunately he prefers THC to CBD. :unamused:

Just recently I’m starting to see some more positive signs from him, though. :crossed_fingers: He texted once and called once this week - may not sound like much but from him this is earth-shaking, and I am counting my blessings. I know he may disappear again tomorrow (virtually - I know where he is physically), but today he sounded happy, and that makes me happier than anything.

I have my first appointment with a therapist for me on Friday.


I hear that there’s an entourage effect that happens where the thc helps boost the benifits of the cbd
And the cbd helps boost the benifits of the thc
And how the cbd helps counter act the psychoactive components of thc with cbds antipsychotic effects…
My partner takes a 1:1 ratio
I see how thc is a taboo in the schizophrenic community
But when accompanied with cbd
It works miracles for us personally
We don’t care too much what others have to say about it since it’s working for us so well…


Have you ever experienced breathe work?(pranayama)
It’s amazing for caregivers…
Also a float spa?(deprivation tank)
They pretty much throw a lot of magnesium salt in the water which helps you float!
Very healing…
Good luck in your therapy session
Hopefully you get a cool therapist that you relate well with


I love yoga - I am excellent at shavasana. :smile:

Seriously, the breathing helps me get to sleep at night (sometimes). The meditation part of yin makes me feel great (when I can focus). It’s all been harder since this started with my son, because my thoughts race and keep returning to him. It’s hard to think of nothing, but when I can it’s great.

My son tried meditation to get rid of the voices. He was partially successful but then he got scared, because he felt they came back stronger and more determined.


I am really hesitant at this point to do anything with cbd or thc at this point… (although I am not saying never)… I tend to think that it won’t be a good idea with my daughter at such a young age (just turned 18). Do you know of other things that might be helpful for the positive symptoms?


@TheSunshineMaras, yes I’ve noticed NONE of his docs in hospitals or his outpatient therapist now ever mentioned the awful side effects of these meds. It’s funny though, even though they never went over the side affects, he always came home from hospital with a bottle of cogentin (to offset the side affects, which my son said did not help and I’m sure comes with it’s own set of issues). The nurses just handed him the meds upon discharge and basically treated my son as just a number. No well wishes, no discussion about side effects or even aftercare. My son said some of them were quite mean while in hospital. Why are they even in the nursing field if they can’t exhibit basic human compassion?

Surprisingly, the pharmacist @ the pharmacy where we get his prescription filled mentioned it. His words were “I would advise looking @ some of the warnings, would you like to go over anything”? I don’t think he said that to scare me, but just so that I’m aware and not be clueless.

Even if you don’t see it right away, I have no doubt something will eventually surface.

I would just like to thank you for mentioning ALL of these possible natural remedies. I’ve started a list of everything you mentioned, and add to it when you mention something new. Of course I will do my own research based upon my son’s needs, but it’s still good to have a starting point, especially from someone who is actually using them in their everyday life and also using different techniques like yoga. Getting my son to try some of these supplements will be the real challenge but I hope I can find a way. I know one thing he will never ever do, and that is yoga lol

Thanks again for trying to help all of us on here with additional or alternate routes that do not involve pills or injections.

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This describes my daughter too. Beautifully put.


Hugs to you @mmm61 :two_hearts:

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My son has severe schizoaffective disorder and in regards to what you said about it falling upon the kindest of souls…my son always makes me think of the words in the song “Vincent” by Don McLean…”this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you…”. It shreds my heart to see how kind hearted he is and how vile and vicious normal people can be to him-esp on social media, I hate so bad that he gets on there but I cant stop him so I have to go in and protect him at times and he doesn’t even get that certain people are being mean. He has a new very young doctor right now(every hospital stay is a diff one and that may be once a month) and Im guessing this doctor has no children of his own as my last visit with him(the doctor) he told me upon leaving to expect my son to end his life early as his mental anguish is too great to bear…i simply told him…”I cant do that” and left broken into a million pieces. I dont know what to do with that and I cannot lose him so my life is constant terror and sadness-how do we as loved ones cope with this? And how do I save my poor sons life??..It is sucking my entire life out of me to save him but it is my hand I have been dealt and I have no choice…and there is nobody else to help…he is now on clozapine which they are calling the “last resort” medicine and about to undergo more ECT treatments as he hasn’t had any in about 5 years but i dont know what “last resort” means as far as meds and even though this doctor was crude in speaking he does seem to know what he is doing but like usual they will stabilize him and toss him right back out where he will immediately stop his meds and we will have to start all over-he thinks the meds are bad and do no good…sometimes i just dont want to wake up anymore…sorry to be so negative but im truly about at my own end…

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hahaha, you made me laugh out loud. I used to do hot yoga. I loved it. Especially the shavasanas…


@Zenahildebrand, I think most of us have been where you are, and in my case, I’m where you are everyday, so I totally understand. My son doesn’t like social media and learned early how people can be and deactivated all social media. I’ve also done the same, I only go on FB for 2 support groups for sz. I mean, what do I really have to post about? I live in a dark, depressing, worry-filled, anxiety-ridden world.

I know the song you’re talking about, and so true as it relates to our children.

I’ve never heard of a doctor saying such a thing, I think I would have lashed out at him. Even if he was trying to be realistic and that was his belief, I can’t believd he would express those thoughts to a mother. My son’s doctor is ok, she is very pro meds, which I’m not, but she is very encouraging and positive. At every visit she speaks to him alone and tries to encourage him to participate in different programs in addition to the meds. It’s a big building filled with different types of treatments for patients who are willing. We do look forward to going there once a month and I always hope & pray he will decide to try CBT, or have the ACT team help him, (maybe eventually help him find a job), or that she can convince him to join in group therapy for people around his age. I just wish he had a friend or two that understood and that he could trust. He trusts no one, he barely trusts me, and to be honest ( and I’m not complaining), it’s such a huge burden to bare. I feel like if I fail him somehow or if something happens to me, then what? I also feel like one person can’t do it all, having just a mother is not enough. They say it takes a village to raise a child.

I’m so sad for you and wish I had something more to offer or say. Like you say, the hand that we were dealt I would not wish on my worst enemy. It’s beyond HARD.

please try to take 1 day @ a time, and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, and keep encouraging him to try to stay off of social media. He will just get hurt over and over. I think they all want to feel like they belong or feel accepted, but it’s “them”, it’s not our children.


Zena, I’m so sorry for your pain. Please know I understand and I’m thinking about you.


i wish it was just the social media thing…he lives in a terror filled world all by himself and theres nothing i nor anybody can do to help him escape…My own PCP had a 22 year old son with schizoaffective disorder who took his life a few years ago-my PCP told me about it in listening to me cry over my son-he told me with tears in his eyes…so when I see him I know he feels my pain only worse I imagine…sometimes i just dont want to wake up anymore cuz dealing with the stress and pain is too much…


Just try to remember you’re doing the best you can and that you’re not alone. There is only so much, as humans, that we can tolerate and digest. It’s important that you take care of yourself, as hard as that is. I’m sorry all I have are words to offer, but just know I know exactly where you’re at with this. It’s nothing I have not gone thru myself or thought of.

Thinking of you and your poor son…


It can sting–especially when we are going through a tough time.

But to be brutally honest, when my son has been psychotic or delusional I have referred to him as crazy. I don’t mean it as demeaning, but when talking to others if I use the word psychotic or delusional they get a deer in the headlights look, so I will use crazy as a general term for strange behavior.

There is so much going on with our family members who are mentally ill, don’t let an off hand remark become your focus. We don’t really know what someone else is going through at the moment. And perhaps there is more going on in her marriage and her husbands disability issues than she has let you know.

Consider too if you hold onto this offense you may also be hurting your professional reputation. Let it go.


Ssi is for people with very low incomes, that’s the reality.


I am so sorry for your struggles to help your son. I know that song, I have always loved it, as even back when that song came out, I knew beautiful souls who were tortured by bad turns in this life. I can only imagine how terrible it was to hear the doctor say those awful words to you. Please try to gain some kind of relief for yourself, you are doing the best you can, I’m sure, and have for a long time. Just a few moments of something kind to yourself to raise you up emotionally, you deserve not to feel so tortured yourself.