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Advice on how to help adult brother currently living with abusive parent

My brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his early twenties a few years ago. He is still living with my mother who also struggles with mental health issues (bi-polar, narcissism). Growing up she was emotionally abusive and that behavior has continued on today which my brother continues to experience. I feel a bit powerless on what I can do to help him short of bringing him to California to live with me and become his caregiver which is beyond my current financial and mental capacity right now.

Any advice, resources, or relatable experiences would be hugely appreciated.

Hi there welcome here. I would imagine that would all depend on your brother, the severity of his illness and his functioning level, what he feels he needs, and where he is at currently and what type of recourses are available to him there.
Have you been able to speak to him?

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Hello @Coco91 and welcome to this forum.

Honestly, each person’s situation is so different that I believe it is best to educate yourself on the illness and the resources available and to learn from what others have shared. Reading past stories on this forum will provide a wealth of possibilities of what you can do, and make clearer the things you probably can’t do, for your brother. NAMI classes, the LEAP method by Dr. Amador, local resources for the mentally ill and homeless are worth checking out.

At least your brother HAS a home with your mother, even if it is far from ideal, it is better than no home. As you stated, bringing him to CA to live with you probably won’t work. Taking on a caregiver job changes life drastically for the caregiver. Educate yourself, and you will find possible ways to help him that fit with your life. And forgive yourself for not being able to solve things ideally, sometimes little steps are all you can take to help.